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I just had a sexy dream where I cheated on my girlfriend with another girl I know in real life. The nerdy part is that the other girl and I were Spartans finishing a fight with the Elites in the Countdown map in Halo Reach multiplayer. My girlfriend was the last Elite we had to kill for the win and I even did a slow-mo assassination.-Zach

My girlfriend of two-and-a-half years recently broke up with me. The thing I'm most concerned about is how it's going to affect our D&D campaign. She's a cleric, so if someone has to quit it'll be me, the lowly bard.-Anonymous

At the beginning of every semester, I decide which textbooks to buy by first listing all the good videogames coming out in the next five months and how much they'll cost. This year it was Fallout: New Vegas, Pokemon Black, and The Force Unleashed 2. I'm not going to buy my Psych textbook because I can get all three of those games for less money than the book.-Anonymous

When people over-complicate problems, I tell them "Why are you making the Deku Tree into the Water Temple?"-Anonymous

To memorize amino acids for my biochemistry class, I assign each amino acid to a Pokemon. Structurally similar amino acids are evolved forms of each other, so glycine is Bulbasaur, alanine is Ivysaur, and phenylalanine is Venusaur. Hopefully enough of you majored in bio to appreciate that.-Brandon

Today I realized that I could understand snippets of my Italian roommate's conversations because of how much Assassin's Creed II I've played.-Matt

This morning, I put all the Galaxy News Radio music from Fallout 3 on my iPod. Then I walked around an empty construction site for three hours pretending I was wandering the capitol wasteland.-Joel

And here's a neat little Pwn My Life connection:I was reading issue #35 of Pwn My Life and I totally was the kid with Pokemon Red in elementary school. If I remember correctly, I got in trouble every day after that fight because they didn't want it to happen again and I always carried my Gameboy. They even called my parents and told them to stop me from bringing it to school, but I lived right next door, so I'd always run home and get it after they went to work. Good times. I haven't felt so cool since.-Ben