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My aunt sent me a text asking if I wanted "HALO cry Vegas" for Christmas.-Nick

When I graduated, I took my diploma, held in the air in front of everyone and sung out-loud the "Zelda: found item" song clip.-Brett

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No matter what I do in my life, I feel that my greatest achievement will always be in Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door when I beat the Pit of 100 Trials before I had beaten Chapter 1.-Riley M.

This is about a year late, but I need to spread the word.My wife and I are huge Left 4 Dead fans. It was the first video game that I got her to play that wasn't singing for Rock Band, and it's the only game she will actually play by herself. (She prefers it that way, she thinks that I order her around too much.)We got married a year ago, October 1st 2011, and we both thought it would be a cool idea to have a friend of ours make us a cake topper would display our favorite characters from the game; Bill and Zoe. He took the challenge up heartily and the outcome was nothing short of stunning. We were so proud to show off our geekitude to our newly united families. Most of our friends and families had no idea what Left 4 Dead was, and were a little shocked by the fact that it sat so prominently in our reception. Everyone, however, was impressed with the craftsmanship that was on display.I thought that this might be a good story to pass out among the geek community, and I wanted to also publicly thank the man who created this for us. So thank you very much Michael K for making such an awesome cake topper for my wife and I and completing our wedding.

PS – Our program included a quote from Louis: "Stay positive guys, I have a good feeling about this."-Brian D.

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Recently for Christmas I got gift cards to he an iPhone 5. My dad wanted me to trade in my 3G for the 5. I didn't, when asked why I told him that I wanted to use the 3G for music & movies. What I didn't tell him was that I saved my 3G so that I could keep my games & not have to start over from scratch.-Laura

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This New Year's Eve while my friends were getting drunk and partying, I was making a 9ft long platypus snow sculpture.-Brandon

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