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I work in retail. One day, at work, I was stocking the front checkout line with cheap items for people to splurge on. After I was done, I started walking away, when I heard Saria's Song. It wasn't loud by any means, but I could hear it over the crappy seasonal music. I had to know where it was coming from, so I followed it. The store I work at was pretty big, about the size of a small warehouse, so I spent some time following it. Was it in the software section? Was it in the components section? Was it in audio-visual? I finally walked into the computer section, and found the computer that was playing it, and the person who played it, just as the song ended. For two short minutes, I got to live The Lost Woods.-Cuyler

When I was little I always called people by their Pokemon counterparts. So whenever my smoker grandma came through the door I said, "A wild Weezing has appeared!"-John

I'm graduating from college soon, and the only thing I'm going to miss is not being able to get streetpasses on my 3DS as easily anymore. -Zach

A few weeks ago, I tried to get a Chansey in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Leaf Green. Instead, I found a shiny Tauros. It ran before I could catch it. I started to smash every piece of ceramics and glass I could find before calming down a few minutes later. I eventually got a Chansey.-Nick

My girlfriend cheated on me when she went with her ex-boyfriend to see The Dark Knight Rises – I was more angry about the fact she watched my favorite hero's movie with someone else before me, though. I was then deciding to get my first tattoo, so here's what I got…-Travis (see below)

For my birthday a few years back, my girlfriend threw me a surprise party wherein my friends and I played Smash Bros. for hours. I was losing horribly during the last match of the night, but then somehow I came from behind to win! It was my twenty first birthday. There was no alcohol and no girls. That was the best birthday party I've ever had.-Rex

Travis' Tattoo

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