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Pwn Up: FusRoDahDah - Image 1
My kid doesn't respond to "upsey daisy" or anything like that when I toss him in the air. He only laughs if I say "Fus-Ro-Dah!" as I throw him.-Garrett

So, when I was a sophomore in high school the all-school musical was "Anything Goes." No one knew the try-out song (being teenagers that didn't watch old movies) which was the main song from the play. I knew the whole thing by heart because of how many times I heard it on Galaxy News Radio from Fallout 3.-Kori

My ringtone for SMS is the sound effect from Metal Gear Solid that plays when you're spotted. The other day I had a math test in class, and I was trying to cheat, when suddenly someone sent me a message. When I heard the "ZWIING!", I was sure I was a dead man. I changed my ringtone right after.-Lore

I was recently invited to play piano for a rather somber event, so I gathered up a bunch of melancholy songs I had learned over the years. The entire list ended up being shorter than I expected, and, remembering a post long ago about someone playing the Dire Dire Docks theme, I started playing Midna's Lament from Twilight Princess.-Mags

I just got a new tattoo. The hardest part: trying to decide which incarnation of Link to use. My final choice was young Link from Ocarina of Time.-Timothy (see below)

And this week's "Pranks Nowadays Are Way Different Than They Used To Be, Huh?" Award goes to…

I'm in a Minecraft world with two friends, one of which more recently joined. The newer guy built himself a cabin on top of a mountain. Myself and the other friend thought that the sky bridge he built to his house was horrendously ugly and so we wanted to remove it, but then it went so much further, and once he went to his cabin and logged off, we decided to pull a huge prank.

We have put at least 10 hours of work over 2 days into a 3 step plan:

1. Build dirt in every direction out from the cabin, creating a flat plain on all sides.2. Remove the mountain from beneath the cabin, so that if our friend tries to dig down from the new landmass, he faces an enormous fall.3. Make the landmass look pretty to create the illusion of his cabin having "moved" away from his mountain.

In hindsight, step 2 should've been the first, as the creation of this new chunk of land blotted out the sun beneath it, resulting in perpetual night and darkness in the area below it, which led to us being under constant siege by zombies, skeletons and creepers (whose explosive abilities were welcome in the mountain's destruction) while excavating the mountain.

Now that our work is complete, his cabin is on an isolated landmass measuring about 83 × 86 blocks. It is 26 blocks in the air from the top of his mountain, and 40 from sea level. It is covered with miniature hills, a few animals, and the most densely packed forest that exists on the map.

Through my calculations, in this project we have placed about 50 saplings, over 8,000 blocks of dirt, and mined about 2,000 blocks of dirt and stone from the mountain beneath the new continent.-Brandon (see below)

Timothy's Link Tattoo:

Pwn Up: FusRoDahDah - Image 1

Brandon's Minecraft Prank:

Pwn Up: FusRoDahDah - Image 1