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(While playing Halo 3)Guy 1: "Halo 3 is alright… BUT Halo 2 was THEE game."Guy 2: "But Halo 3 is still good."Guy 1: "But Halo 2 was better."Guy 2: "But Halo 3 is still good."Guy 1: "But Halo 2 was better.."Guy 2: "But Halo 3 is still good."Guy 1: "But Halo 2 was better."(This went on for a good 10 minutes longer, neither of them ever raised their voices.)-Jeff B.

Shortly after the care package glitch (which allowed you to get unlimited care packages by climbing over a barrier) was fixed in MW2, my friends and I came up with a brilliant plan. So our whole team slapped on care packages, sentry guns, and emergency air drops for our kill streaks, went into some hardcore HQ and saved them up until the end of the match. When there was five minutes or so left in the game, we pretended to do the care package glitch, dropping everything at once. Needless to say, we got some little kid to ask how we managed to do that and we told him that we just care package glitched. He proceeded to tell us that they had patched it at which point I responded that all you had to do was lift your Xbox up and give it "one good shake" as you were going over the barrier because it would read from your disc then and not from the patch on your hard drive. He was hesitant at first, but several days later he contacted me to try to figure out how to do it, so I went into a private match, invited him to party chat, and let him kill me four times. As he's going over the barrier, I hear him say "It says the disc is unreadable." By switching my mic off and on for burst of laughter, I was able to make it sound like he was the one who messed up instead of me just getting him to scratch his disc. To this day, he still thinks he just shook his Xbox too hard.-JC

I was playing MW2 and started talking with this dad who was playing with his son. Here's a sample of the gold they were spewing the whole time we played together:Kid: Are you from Texas?Me: No. Texas sucks.Kid: No it doesn't! I'm going to go to college in Texas!Dad: You need to worry about passing the sixth f*cking grade dipsh*t.After the kid died, he cussed at the guy who killed him. The dad replies, "He's just a product of bad parenting. Mostly his mother."-Danton

One time on halo reach there was a little kid talking about how he raped everyone's mothers when he asked me "What would you say if I told you I raped your mom last night?"I replied, "I'd say we're even."-Pi Ber

I was playing Modern Warfare 2 one time with this guy who kept on talking shit in the game lobby. Before the match begins he says to me "hey my eleven year old cousin just said that you're gay." I just laugh it off at the time and proceed to wipe the floor with him in deathmatch. After the game ends I get his attention and tell him "hey tell your cousin he's right I must be gay cuz I just fucked you in the ass all game long." Dude flipped and started cursing like crazy before backing out of the game.-Aaron

I was playing Halo 3 once with a buddy of mine and out of nowhere I hear him say "Why don't you take that off so I can play with your pussy " I started laughing hysterically. At that point he noticed me laughing and go's "Oh shit, was my mic on?" Still laughing I told him that it was and after that I didn't hear from him for at least 15 minutes.-Trevor P

I'm playing Halo 3, and of course I'm one of only 2 out of 10 players over the age of 11. Thus, all that I'm hearing over chat is tweens calling each other out for being "gay". To this day I remember, clearly, the reaction of my over 11 comrade when spawn killed.

"Man, that's gay… and not in the cool buttf*ck way."

There was silence from everyone but me, as I was busy trying to wipe away the tears of laughter from my eyes.-Vaughn