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A few years ago I was playing Arkham Asylum. Astounded by the physical feats that Batman performed, as well as how ripped he was, I vowed to get in the best shape I could so that I could be more like Batman (of course, I knew that getting as jacked as Batman was impossible, he was a fictional character in a video game, but I could at least try). I'm not going to lie to you, I was a pretty chubby guy at the time, but what started as huffing and puffing through a few push-ups and sit-ups during the loading screens turned into a full workout routine that I would force myself to do before playing video games. By the time Arkham City came out, I could bench press over two hundred pounds and was well on my way to having a six-pack, and could proudly play the videogame without becoming insecure. Hopefully by the time the next game comes out, I'll be a billionaire who hangs out in a cave and fights crime.-Jake

My baby is 5 months old, recently we got a TV in our bedroom. We don't have a CD player or anything to play lullabies So we usually put on baby Mozart with a blanket over the TV. One night we put the baby down to bed and we were tired beyond belief. We set the VHS on automatic repeat, not making sure we had the right tape. We woke up the next morning to the sounds of a light saber battle, and the music of John Williams. I couldn't believe my ears, I removed the blanket. And sure enough we had let the baby fall asleep to Star Wars. She smiles whenever she hears the main theme now.-Madison

I'm a huge Zelda fan, so my phone's alert sounds are always something Zelda related. For forever, my text message ringtone was the little fanfare that plays in every Zelda game when Link receives an item and proudly holds it above his head. So, this one time in college, I was fooling around with a guy and during, I received a text message and my phone was on loud. Right as his hand moved to my butt – "BA NA NA NAAAAAAAAAA!!" While hilarious, that sorta killed the mood, so we spent the rest of the night talking about Zelda.-Diana

I first learned to (sorta) read around age 5 by playing a lot of RPGs (like Final Fantasy) and gradually figuring out what things meant. For some reason – I was never able to properly read (by understanding how words are formed, etc.) until age 11.-Bob

Back in July, I decided to get a videogame tattoo – specifically, the weak spot from Shadow of Colossus. 3 things popped in my head while I was looking for the perfect design to base it off.1) To put it on my weak shoulder, so it is actually a weak spot.2) To reflect a part of my personality.3) To have my tattoo not look like a mess like all the others I was able to find online.

I think it worked out okay.-Wes (see below)

And this week's "This Is The Last Time We Publish A 'I Learned History From An Assassin's Creed Game Which I Was Able To Apply In School' Story For A While, Okay?" Award goes to…

I was in my World History class when I had an epiphany while we were discussing Niccolo Machiavelli. My teacher began to talk about one of Machiavelli's most famous books, The Prince. In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Niccolo tells Ezio that he will right a book about him one day. In the game, Ezio has to help citizens that are being oppressed by the Borgia, who are using fear to control the people. When Ezio saves a person, he gains that person's respect and allegiance. As my teacher was about to start talking about the main point of the book, without thinking, I blurted out, "Brotherhood". He asked me what I had said. I began to elaborate that Machiavelli wanted to show that a leader should have a sort of brotherhood with his people instead of purely using cruelty to manipulate them. Respect is more effective and reduces the chance of betrayal. He told me that I was right. I figured out one of the main messages of The Prince without reading a single page through one of Assassin's Creed's references.-Damani

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I used to have a nerdy story, but then I took an arrow to the knee.-The Sander