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I was working at the 2012 New York Comic Con, passing out business cards, when a female Link strolled past me. Since I was handing out business cards, I yelled "IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE. TAKE THIS." She didn't understand the reference. I guess it's a secret to everybody…-Josh

I went skydiving last weekend. I wasn't nervous at all – instead, all I could think about was "I'm going to be like Naked Snake dropping into Soviet Russia." I only wish I could have landed towards a tree and do a landing on the knee, instead of in that field and the sloppy landing.-Henry

After about three months of going out with my girlfriend, I told my first lie of the relationship: I told her that the reason I hadn't phoned or texted for the past week was because I had left my phone in my locker and couldn't get to it. The truth was that Pokemon Black 2 had just come out and I didn't want anyone distracting me.-Sean

When I showed up for my new job two years ago, I started talking to a co-worker in front of his locker. He had one of those locks where instead of a numerical combination, you enter a combination of up/down/left/right directions. Just to mess around, I entered the Konami Code (minus the letter bits) and was shocked to find that it opened. We've been good friends ever since, even if he did have to change his locker combo.-Jason

October 12th was my 31st birthday, and my girlfriend made a special cake for me. Being greedy, I ate the Triforce section all by myself.-Ben (see below)

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I've kept a large paper bag of Trail Mix on my desk for months now. Not because I'm slowly eating it, but because it's the perfect height to prop up my wireless controller onto the B button of my DS to make my trainer in Pokemon White run, instead of walk, in circles around the Battle Subway terminal so I can hatch eggs even faster. My Vash the Stampede bobblehead holds Down on the D-Pad for me.-Kevin (see below)

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