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When I was 10, I played Dragonball Z so much I couldn't sleep without my GameBoy under my pillow playing the title screen music. I went through a lot of batteries.-Aiden

A coworker and I were horsing around at work and attempting a crossword puzzle. The clue for one of the words was "Small Plateau" with 4 letters and the first we had as "M" and with out even thinking I blurted out "Mesa". I had no clue where that answer came from, but it was right. A bit later I realized the logo for Black Mesa is a plateau in a circle.-Jack

My parents were very proud of me today when I told them I picked up a night job in addition to going to college. My reasoning behind it was that way, I would have more money so I could buy both Pokemon Black and White 2. As soon as I saved enough money to get the games, I'm submitting my two weeks notice. They won't be proud of me for long.-Randal

The other night a bunch of my guy friends and girl friends all played a version of truth or dare in the dark. It got to a point in the game where all the girls were topless, and I made the remark, "Man, I wish I were a Khajiit right now." Only the guys laughed because they had played Skyrim and knew where I was coming from. The mood got real awkward right after.-Brandon

For my sweet 16, my older sister made me Pikachu cupcakes with pokeballs. They had tails, but melted before she could stick them on.-Logan (see below)

My brother is getting married next year and he decided to get personalized cuff links for all his groomsmen. Mine were VERY special…-Cary (see below)

Logan's Cupcakes:

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