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I've learned most of the skateboard tricks I know from carefully observing how characters move their legs in Tony Hawk games.-Law

For English class, we were told to re-write a chapter of a book and turn it in for extra credit. I chose Of Mice and Men, and re-wrote the entire thing using Team Fortress 2 characters. My teacher wouldn't accept it because I forgot to take their respective accents into account. I got zero points extra credit, because my teacher was a bigger nerd than me.-Mason

I recently graduated from law school, passed the bar and got a real job. Needless to say I don't have a lot of time to play video games right now. However, I always reserve a few hours on Sunday night to play Call of Duty with two of my uncles, two little cousins (their sons, respectively) and my dad, who is deploying to Afghanistan very soon. Video games are pretty much the only thing that brings my family together these days.-Jason

I've been playing my DS a lot – carrying it around in my pocket almost every day of the week everywhere I go. I've already started to wear down my jeans so there is an imprint of my DS in the pocket.-KShao (see below)

So I turned 19 recently and my friends, knowing what a huge Zelda fan I am, made this cake.-David (see below)

Last summer myself and some pals from med school were doing an elective in a hospital in Zambia. Towards the end of the elective, they said some of us had to go to the capital to buy medical supplies for the hospital. It involved a 14 hour round trip and paying for a hostel for the night. Despite this, myself and 2 of my nerdier pals immediately volunteered. The Amazing Spider-Man had just come out and Zambia didn't have any cinemas outside Lusaka.-Michael

KShao's Scarred Pants:

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David's Birthday Cake

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