1. Ash

    Professor Oak! Check out the new Pokemon I caught

  2. Prof. Oak

    Excellent news Ash! I'm always excited to update my Pokedex, let me see them.

  3. Ash

    I think this one might be a normal-type Pokemon.

  4. Dog


  5. Prof. Oak

    Uhh Ash, that's a dog.

  6. Ash

    Cool, a Dog!

  7. Prof. Oak

    No, that's not a Pokemon, it's just a common dog. Looks like a yellow-lab.

  8. Ash

    I don't understand.

  9. Prof. Oak

    Dogs are animals, they don't have special abilities like Pokemon.

  10. Ash

    You just haven't seen them yet. Dog! Use speak-attack!

  11. Dog

    Woof, woof!

  12. Prof. Oak

    He's just barking.

  13. Ash

    He knows growl and bite too. Dog! Go!

  14. Dog


  15. The dog bites Prof. Oak.

  16. Prof. Oak

    What the hell Ash! Dogs aren't supposed to attack people.

  17. Ash

    You're right, let's set up a ring in the basement and I'll battle your Dog against mine.

  18. Prof. Oak

    No! I'm not going to support dogfights. What else do you have to show me?

  19. Ash

    I caught a new flying-type Pokemon!

  20. Chicken

    Cluck, cluck, cluck.

  21. Prof. Oak

    …That's not a Pokemon, that's a chicken. How can it be a flying-type Pokemon if it can't even fly?

  22. Ash

    Chicken is just a low level, it lays Pokemon eggs and knows peck though. Chicken! Use peck!

  23. The chicken pecks Prof. Oak.

  24. Prof. Oak

    That's super annoying! And those eggs are for breakfast.

  25. Ash

    You eat Pokemon for breakfast?! You monster!

  26. Prof. Oak

    I don't think you understand. Pokemon are unique, they can perform powerful attacks, and are cool looking like Charizard or Onyx.

  27. Ash

    Oh, like this one? It has a duckbill, beaver tail, is covered in fur, and also lays Pokemon eggs.

  28. Platypus

  29. Prof. Oak

    Again… that's not a Pokemon, that's a platypus. Ok, as a general rule, all Pokemon can say their own name. Like Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

  30. Platypus

    Platypus, plata-plata-pus-pus.

  31. Prof. Oak

    WTF?! I give up.