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When I was a fat little 11-year-old, my favorite part of Mario 64 was just running around open areas without having Mario ever get tired.-Rock

About a week ago, I woke up early in the morning to find myself crying. I'd had a disturbing dream which had awoken me and left me feeling depressed for several days. The dream was that I was browsing the internet and saw that IGN had posted an early review of Fallout: New Vegas and given it a 7.4.-Steve

My senior year of high school, I had a math teacher that mentioned he played WoW when he first introduced himself. By the third month of class, my best friend and I hated him. One night, we decided to see if we could find him in the game. We tried a bunch of names in the armory and found a lone alliance paladin with the same last name as our teacher. It was a pretty unique last name, so we were sure it was him. The next day we each paid $25 to transfer our horde characters to his realm and spent the week following him and killing him. He would come to school angry each day. Finally, we asked him if he had been getting harassed by a priest and a mage lately. He gave us a death stare and we were both removed from his class within a few weeks. The reason the school gave us was for "making his life difficult."-Louie

In Elementary School, several guys started a Pokemon club that used to gather at recess and watch one person play Pokemon Red on his Game Boy. It became crowded quickly and other kids got jealous because there wasn't enough room under the slide. This fringe group started calling themselves Team Rocket. One day, the two groups met on the playground and had a big fight. Everyone involved had to go to a meeting afterwards because the school thought it was gang related.-Montana

The other day i was in a car with a friend. It was hot, and I accidentally said "Hey, can you minimize the window?"-Alex

I work at a brewery in PA, and I work the overnight shift with basically no one else in the building. When I'm walking around, I can't help but think about all the ways that it would make an awesome multiplayer level for Goldeneye. There are like a million hallways with pipes and large crates everywhere. It literally looks like a live version of the control and the facility levels mashed together. Its the only thing that gets me through the nights.-Steve

After looking at the new Star Wars section on the Adidas Online Store, I noticed the Boba Fett Backpack was actually Jango Fett's color scheme. I was bothered by this. I e-mailed them a complaint.-Callum

I've sworn off the Pokemon cartoon twice for not being faithful to the game. The first time was when a pokemon dodged a swift attack, and the second time was when Haunter used lick on a normal-type pokemon.-Kyle