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When the Wii and Twilight Princess came out, my family had bought neither. At that same time, my mother got into meditation and bought all these books and tapes about it. A little over a month later I was searching for something in my mother's room when I opened up the TV stand I found a Wii and in the Wii was Twilight Princess. My mother had been "meditating" with Twilight Princess for over a month.-Sadye

Last year, right after I had just finished a Harry Potter marathon, I was sitting in a public park and had just snapped a stick off a tree when I suddenly heard someone behind me say "Expelliarmus". I instantly shouted "PROTEGO" at the top my lungs and the girl immediately whipped a toy wand out of her robes and replied "BOMBARDA". We continued our imaginary wand duel for quite awhile while people around us stared. I finally won with a well timed Stupefy. I regret not asking her name or phone number after she left. -Jeremy

I just blew the speakers out in my car listening to the Wind Waker soundtrack.-Grif w.

Recently I had my History final. I had an essay, and the topic was changes as a result of a war America has been in. How did I start it you ask?

"War. War never changes." And I ended with, "But war. War never changes."-J

During my first week of school, I was taking roll and I came across a student named Aldair. I didn't know how to say it, so I pronounced it Altaïr, as in the main character in Assassin's Creed 1. After he corrected me on how to pronounce it, someone asked, "Assassin's Creed?" I gave that student a smile and a nod and he smiled back. Pretty sure I'm going to like that kid.-Jim

And this week's "You Should Probably Only Have Done This If You Had Tom Selleck Chest Hair Or Something, Dude, Come On" Award goes to…

I just shaved my chest hair into the bat symbol.(picture below)-Jon

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