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I skipped my school's Hershey Park field trip, telling everyone I was afraid of roller coasters. The real reason was so I could stay home and watch the E3 press conferences live.-Jacob

A few weeks back I cut my foot open pretty bad. I thankfully found the first aid box in my house, but I had no idea what to do. Then I remembered how the health system in Metal Gear Solid 3 worked and was able to take care of my foot that night. I mean – I still had to go to the doctor a few days later. But Metal Gear Solid 3 saved me a trip to the emergency room.-Virginia

I've been playing a lot of Skyrim lately, and was recently given a quest in Markarth called "The Forsworn Conspiracy". I won't go into all the details but eventually the quest lands you in prison where you have to break out with the leader of the Forsworn (at the time it didn't occur to me to kill him and break out myself) so I helped him and some of his followers break out. As soon as we did, they started wrecking havoc on the town and I began to panic. While I didn't care for the corrupt family that was in charge there and I did feel kinda bad about the Forsworn guys, I'd spent so much time helping various villagers and getting to like them that I just couldn't let this all happen to them. Unfortunately, my last save was from five hours earlier. After a few minutes of debate I decided that the good people of Markarth were worth losing a few hours of progress.-Katie

I have been doing contracting work in Afghanistan for some time now. I recently discovered the game Slender and have been playing for a couple weeks now. I've been out here for a while and have seen a lot of crazy stuff happen- I feel desensitized to a lot of things that would probably spook most people. But after playing Slender, I always get an eerie feeling when walking alone at night. The other night it was nearly pitch black outside, and I was walking my usual route home at about 3 AM (with flashlight in hand). The feeling of always being watched and followed was setting in bad at this point, and I kept looking over my shoulder. At some point the tallest, lankiest guy I've ever seen had slipped out from behind a building and was casually walking about 30ft behind me. I whipped my flashlight around and spotted him, froze in my tracks, grinded my teeth and screamed like a scared toddler. He just stopped and looked at me and backed away. I have not played Slender since.-David

I used to love that old arcade game Joust. I would play for hours on end. I once was on a huge winning streak and didn't want to leave the game for any reason, so I pissed myself standing at the machine. Got the high score, though.-Redd

And this week's "But Do You Know About Tactical Fedoras?" award goes to…

Recently, I got invited to a 20's theme party. While looking up the things that were needed for an authentic look, one item on the list was a fedora. I'm a Team Fortress 2 player, so I know what a fedora looks like and went to a shop to get one. The store clerk had no idea what a fedora was, so I had to explain to him what it looks like. He then proceeded to get the store's hat specialist who at first didn't know what a fedora was either, so I had to explain it again. Apparantly, playing Team Fortress 2 rendered me with more knowledge about hats than the people who are supposed to sell them. -Frederik