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My dad is in the Air Force and was deployed for a year so I wound up taking care of my little brother most of the time. I was also a Starcraft fanatic (I started at age 8) so I spent all of my free time playing. When it was time for my brother to go to sleep, I would lovingly rock him to the sound of exploding Zergs and machine guns. Now screaming and gunfire put him to sleep faster than lullabies.-Terisa

I never learned how to ride a bike when I was younger so when my girlfriend found out, she insisted on teaching me how to ride. At first, I was scared of falling off and would constantly stop myself because of that fear. Now, my girlfriend and I are huge fans of the "Dune" novels so at this point I shouted to my girlfriend "I'd rather ride a sandworm than a bike!" Then, she looked me in the eyes and told me "Fear is the mind killer", she put my hands on the handlebars and said "These are your maker hooks, ride Shai-Hulud and become a man". After a few repetitions of the Litany Against Fear, I psyched myself up, and pedaled the living hell out of that bike. Now I ride my bike, named Shaitan, whenever I get the chance.-Bryant

I decided to see The Dark Knight Rises on it's midnight release dressed as Batman. I was the only one in the entire theatre dressed up for the premiere. At some point, some joker (no pun intended) started getting laughing maniacally at everything. He was ruining the movie for everyone so I turned around and told him to shut up. He said "I think this is terribly funny. Who are you to decide what I laugh at?" In response, I stood up and in the raspy Batman voice, said "I'm Batman, your argument is invalid!" Just as I said that, on-screen Bane blew up the football field, the buildings, the streets, and the bridges. Everyone laughed intensely. No one could calm down for a full 5 minutes. That guy never spoke again for the entire movie. -Sawyer

I am a college student who also just finished playing the Mass Effect series. In a recent history class of mine, the professor was giving a lecture and began speaking on ancient methods of capital punishment. He spoke about how Jews would stone criminals, how Romans would crucify them, and then about how the ancient Assyrians would impale criminals on stakes. I turned to my friend, who is also a Mass Effect fan, and said: "Just like the Geth!" We both snickered to ourselves but apparently we were loud enough that the professor and the rest of the class heard us laughing and asked what was so funny. So I spent few minutes explaining all about the Geth from Mass Effect, and relating them to ancient Assyrian capital punishment.-Stephen

I work for airport security which means part of my job involves telling people to remove all their personal electronics. The other day I saw a young teenager walk up carrying his Nintendo DS. Without thinking about it, I told him "You need to put your GameBoy in the X-ray." The kid got a confused look on his face and in a very puzzled tone, asked me "What's a GameBoy?" I almost started to cry right there.-Mike

I finally got my first tattoo of my own design. It's the Deathly Hollows made from a pokeball, the triforce, and a lightsaber. Figured I ought to be a well rounded nerd.-Cesar (see below)

Pwn Up: The Dork Night Rises - Image 1