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My girlfriend and me were at our friend's house last week when the topic of porn came up and she said "I thought I found Jack's porn stash yesterday but it turned out to just be a bunch of Dragonball Z comics in his sock drawer." It was manga, first of all. Secondly, she has no idea how close she came to finding my hentai.-Jack

My boyfriend and I are huge fans of Final Fantasy (from 9 and earlier) and have an age old argument as a result. He insists on calling the Final Fantasy with Cecil as Final Fantasy 2 (from the SNES release in America) and I prefer to call it by its official title of Final Fantasy 4. The same goes for Final Fantasy 3/6 (with Terra). Well the other day we were talking about growing up gaming and I said something along the lines of "My brother and I would share the Final Fantasy 2 file." It was at that moment that my boyfriend actually had a confused look and stated "Wait, Final Fantasy 2 or 4?" It felt like the gift of the magi for nerds.-Heather

I work at an EB Games and I am a huge Pokemon fan, so when kids were coming in to pick up Black and White I'd ask them which starter they'd plan on getting. One kid told me he was choosing Tepig, I asked him why and he told me, "because he can make his own bacon." Suddenly I regretted choosing Oshawott.-Lauren

In my high school schedule I had a 2 free hours that I shared with my friends. After several weeks of doing nothing but getting bored in that time I decided to take my old SNES with me to school. We played some good Street Fighter II and Mario Kart before the rest of the school had theire own break. Of course we took some attention because we used the TV in the middle of the cafeteria. In only 50 min, my ex-girlriend (who hadnt talked to me in months) came to play with me. A girl I had a crush on also played with me and gave me a kiss on the cheek when I let her win in Street Fighter. And last but not least. A DIFFERENT girl confessed to me she had a crush on me while playing Kirby. So guess whos taking his N64 next week with high expectations.-Luis

Whenever I play a Monster Rancher game, I go on baby name websites to find the perfect name for the monster I'm currently raising.-Miku

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gears of war was the first xbox game i bought, so when it finally got to gears of war 3 i found myself attached to the characters. i hadn'y cried in years but when dom died i cried and it wasnt because dom died it was because marcus didn't. from gears 2 i hated him for no reason and willed him to die-peter