16. Hey You, Pikachu!

Nothing sells games like showing how they can help you cope with your negligent family and idiot friends, right? There's something so unbelievably depressing that the kid is so enamored by the concept of someone who "actually listens to you" to the point of repeatedly describing the virtual Pikachu as his "best friend." The commercial's essentially saying you should buy this game, assuming you are the loneliest person in the world.


15. Yoshi's Island

Half the commercial is pretty good - showing off Yoshi's Island's gameplay and graphics and boasting how much stuff there is in the game. So far, so good. But the whole thing is predicated on comparing the game to a fat guy stuffing himself with food to the point of him literally exploding, spewing his innards all over the other restaurant patrons. "Associating a game with being drenched in stomach acid sounds like a good plan to me," said the 8 year old standing on top of another 8 year old's shoulders while wearing a trenchcoat, pretending to be an adult at a Nintendo marketing meeting.


14. Dr. Mario - Witch Doctor

Okay, odds are Dr. Mario isn't a very good doctor - he seems to only be able to drop pills into bottles - but associating him with a voodoo witch doctor is a little weird. Worse still, the game is shown only twice in the entire commercial, which runs dangerously close to being a music video for the song "Witch Doctor." Maybe the majority of your commercial for a puzzle game shouldn't be a super racist depiction of a witch doctor screaming at the camera? Don Draper is rolling in his fictional grave.


13. A Link to the Past

Remember the Fly Girls from In Living Color? That was pretty similar to the Legend of Zelda, right? Yeah, remember when Link danced around to funky beats and danced around before fighting Ganon, the world's biggest muppet? You'd think just showing gameplay and explaining "you're a guy on an adventure to rescue a princess" would be enough for kids, but you'd be wrong. Also, you'd be fired. Come back when you've found a way to have Crash Bandicoot doing the Macarena.