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A few months ago, I packed up my 360 and flat screen and headed over to my buddy's place to play dual-Skyrim. We had two Xbox systems going at once in the same living room, each playing our own game of Skryim. We picked up a case of beer & a handle of cheap vodka and got down to business. The next morning, I woke up severely hungover on the couch, packed up my system & TV, and headed home. When I fired up my Xbox later that afternoon, I was in an area of the map with which I wasn't familiar, couldn't find my traveling companion in the game (she was carrying 75% of my inventory), was missing about 10,000 gold, and I was halfway through a quest I didn't remember ever starting. I noticed that I had an auto save from an hour early, so I figured I'd just fire that up and go from there. Upon loading, I was in the middle of Dragon's Reach with every NPG in the castle in hostile mode and attacking me. I tried to find another save file, but I had saved over all my previous games. The lesson: don't drink and game.-Dave

I was in bed just after being intimate with my girlfriend, when I felt the need to sneeze. I sneezed "PIKA-choo!", as I usually did. My girlfriend gave me a really confused look. We broke up shortly thereafter. Pretty sure the sneeze had something to do with it.-Jaime

I have a condition that is commonly referred as "shy bladder syndrome." In other words, I am unable to go to the bathroom if there are other people in the room. Or at least I was. I recently found that if I recite a list of water-type Pokemon, I am able to overcome my condition. Usually by Politoed, I'm good to go.-Joey

Whenever I need to send myself a reminder through email I use "Hey Listen!!!" as the subject line and sign it "Navi."-JD

My family recently spent our vacation in Corpus Christi, TX. As with all vacations, my family and friends asked what my favorite part of the vacation was, and I replied by saying it was visiting the U.S.S. Lexington. Most people have assumed it's my favorite part because of my love of history, or my immense patriotism. No, I loved because I felt like I was visiting Rivet City from Fallout 3.-Travis

For the past week, a French acquaintance and his 8 year old son have been staying at my house. The son only speaks French (his father speaks that and a few other languages). I'd love to communicate with him, but it's really hard since I don't speak French. But yesterday I found a journal full of Pokémon pictures and he began to speak all the names (in French). It was almost two hours of fun saying the names in Portuguese (the same as English, by the way) and hearing what they were like in French.-Andre


My fiancé and I are due to get married next May and and she wanted us both to get romantic tattoos. She is not into gaming at all and so I took this upon myself to finally get something done related to my favorite game – Fallout 3. She thinks it's something normal and sweet, but whenever I look at it, all I can think of is killing Super Mutants.-Mark (see below)

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