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There was a 14 hour black out on my street a few days ago. I thought I would pass the time playing Final Fantasy 1 on my iPhone, but it died. I decided to try to find my old GBA (even though it had not worked in years) – when I found it (as expected), it would not turn on. I said to myself silently, "I'd sell my soul to Satan for this thing to work so I can play Pokemon." Then tried again. It worked. At first I was terrified, until I realized Satan is just like me…trying to catch 'em all.-Larry

I've recently started working out. I tell everyone I'm getting in shape for my brother's wedding in September, which is partially true, but I'm more trying to lose weight so I can dress up as the 10th Doctor for a Renaissance fair two weeks after it.-Anonymous

My sister has two friends named Jake, one is a geek the other is not. She had gotten a text from one of the Jakes saying "These patches are ridiculous." I automatically assumed it was the geeky Jake, and I also assumed he had just gotten Diablo 3 (this was right around when it came out), so I said "What does he expect? The game just came out a few days ago!" My sister just stared at me with a blank look on her face before asking me what the hell I was talking about. I said, "Uh, he is talking about Diablo 3 right?" She just bursts out laughing and says "No, he's trying to put on Icy Hot patches!"-Allen

I am a police officer in a small southern town. One day we had some bad weather moving in and I was dispatched to unlock the public storm shelter. The keys were supposed to be hanging in an unsecured location in the police station, but for some reason had been moved to the Sergeant's office. I called my Sergeant to get the key to his office, but he was out of town and told me to call the Chief. Long story short, I had to go to the local steakhouse to get the Chief's house key, go to the Chief's house to get his office key, go to the Chief's office to get the Sergeant's office key, then get into the Sergeant's office to obtain the storm shelter key. I suddenly had a very new respect for the Raccoon City Police Department.-Mitchell

When I first got Mass Effect 3, I automatically rushed through it. I did absoloutly no side quests, no N7 missions, and no fetching missions (unless it was required). So I finished the game with 50 percent reputation and the minimum requirement for the EMS. I chose Control as the best ending. Then I figured I was done, so I left it on my shelf. Then I watched the indoctridation theory video and I realized I screwed it up. Then five days before it came out, I heard the news about the Extended Cut DLC and I panicked. I dug up Mass Effect with the intention of starting the best run possible for the Mass Effect 3 ending. I marathoned the game and beat it in about two days. I popped in Mass Effect 2 and took a day off work. I managed to beat the game in about a day and a half (with no deaths in the suicide mission). Without any breaks, I popped in Mass Effect 3 and loaded up my character. The day before the Extended Cut DLC, I finished my gaming spree right before the Cerberus mission. I had done every single side quest, fetch mission, and even downloaded all existing DLC. I had full paragon and 5500 EMS. I beat all 3 games in five days with every single quest finished, full paragon, and all the right choices. I've been putting off downloading the DLC though, because I'm not ready for the journey to end.-Alex

My wife and I love videogames, particularly Nintendo classics. Our son has a Mario-themed nursery, and his coming home outfit was a little Link. We call our infant son "goomba," and I am currently debating with my wife whether he should be upgraded to "koopa."-Jeremy

Jeremy's Aw-dorable Nursery and Child:

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Pwn Up: - Image 1