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Pwn Up: School Daze - Image 1
In 4th grade, I moved from the ghetto to a nicer area of town. I didn't know anyone there and was very shy, but I soon bonded with a kid in my class named Mack. We liked all of the same nerdy things – but most of all Pokemon. We used to run around the schoolyard every recess holding battles with each other and training our Pokemon. One day Mack invited me over to his house, and after a while he pulled out this huge deck of Pokemon cards and asked if I knew the rules and how to play. Of course being the new kid from across town, I knew how to play – the way we used to play in my old neighborhood. About 3 turns into the match it was very clear that the way of "Raaawr Raawr my Pikachu attacks your guy, you're dead" wasn't how it was supposed to be played. Mack yelled at me to swap the Pokemon off my bench and to attach the element cards before I attacked. I got so fed up of him yelling at me, I ran out of his house crying and never spoke to him again in the 6 years of elementary school and 4 years of high school I had with him. Pokemon grudges last a lifetime.-Connor

I was in my health education class, and we were talking about radiation and what it causes. I had just gotten Fallout 3, and 'I Don't Want To Set the World On Fire' was playing in my head. I started singing it to myself. Then I realized it had suddenly gotten very quiet. I looked around – everyone was looking at me. I've never been more embarrassed. But then one kid jumped up and shouted "Oh man! Fallout 3!"-Alex

Everyday when I wake up I do one of the basic moves from each of the bending disciplines from Avatar: The Last Airbender just to see if I've miraculously learned how to bend.-Casey

I get annoyed whenever spellcheck underlines the name of a Pokemon, so I've been constantly adding them to the dictionary of my spellcheck so I wouldn't have to see it.-Jake

A long time ago, after having recently watched the fusion episode of Dragon Ball Z (where Goku teaches Goten and Trunks how to fuse), I got my best friend to do the fusion dance with me. I taught him all the moves and we had lots of practice. When he was finally ready, we did the fusion dance in the playground at school. I know I did it perfectly – but when I realized that it didn't work, I thought that he was to blame. I went into a rage and we had a fight over it. I still think he messed up.-Luke

When Final Fantasy VII came out, I pre-ordered the game from Toys-R-Us and got a free FFVII t-shirt. I wore the shirt and brought the game manual to me with school the next day – and, of course, I was incessantly mocked. Then, as I was reading the manual during P.E. class, one of the most popular kids in my school (who usually acted like a thug/bully) came up to me and started talking to me about the game. His dad had bought it, and we struck up a friendship talking about videogames. Never know who's gonna be a closet dork.-Anonymous