7. Clearly Defined Level Ups

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

In video games, the intangible amount of work needed to master a skill becomes quantifiable. Party members in RPGs can see exactly how many more spells they need to cast to increase their Magic ability. The Sims know that if they burn pancakes or talk to themselves in the mirror enough times, they can eventually perfect a souffle and have stunning social skills. It's not that they got more talented over time, they just hit a quota and leveled up.

If there was a real-life counter that said after x amount of push-ups you'd instantly move up a strength class, it's highly likely that more people would work out, solely because success becomes measurable and not just "someday." Hopeful chefs would burn the same pancakes over and over, and aspiring writers would just copy and paste dinky internet list articles again and again until they wrote the Next Great Novel. Then again, maybe this wouldn't be a good thing.

8. Hammerspace

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

Also called a "magic satchel," hammerspace refers to the unseen dimension where a seemingly unlimited amount of mass can exist. It's the reason a Trainer can carry six Pokémon, a bicycle, fifty TMs, and a PokéFlute in one little backpack, or how John Marston fits all of his rifles, shotguns, bear skins and fire bottles under one poncho. Seriously, those things come out of his pockets on fire.

Hammerspace in real life already kinda exists – an mp3 player can "hold" a thousand CDs, or an e-reader can "hold" a hundred books, for example. But imagine pockets so deep that they held an entire wardrobe, a live animal, and several weapons, without the threat of weight restrictions or danger of suffocating that poor Cucco? The possibilities, like the available space, are endless.

…and One Thing From Videogames We're Glad Doesn't Exist In Real Life: Cheat Codes

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Yeah, yeah, cheat codes would be so cool in real life, what are you talking about, blah, blah, blah. Yes, it would be freakin' sweet to say a special phrase and be able to fly, or see the world in sepia tone (if that's your thing). But you're not thinking with cheat codes. You can't have everyone running around screaming "IDDQD" – there are enough problems with the world as it is. And after people with criminal tendencies get their hands on the codes, there's going to be way more big-headed, jet-packed, flamethrower-wielding jump-to-Mike-Tyson terrorists than I care to share a planet with. Just sayin'.