3. C-C-Combos

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

Video games with combos or chains are great because they reward the player for immediate past successes. A string of block-trick-fakeout-fakeout leads to a Gamebreaker dunk, not the other way around. Landing a few crouching lights and some standing heavies without screwing up is rewarded with HADOUKEN! And a nollie's cool, but you know what's cooler? A billion nollies.

What if combos were a thing in real life? Wake up on time without the alarm - check. Shave without nicking yourself - check. Tie a perfect knot on try one - check. That's enough built up meter to nail the job interview, breeze through training, bang out some spreadsheets and get promoted - all before lunch.


4. Hints/Maps/Objectives

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

Humans have always grappled with the point of their existence. Time-tested, well-worn questions about the essence of being, like "Why am I here?", "What am I doing with my life?", "Is there a plan out there for me?", and "What kind of ingredients should I get in this burrito?"

Video game characters never have to worry about that stuff, though. A quick glance at the pause menu and they know exactly where to go next, or what items to pick up. They know specifically how to achieve their innermost goals and desires. In real life, religion and astrology are the closest things we have to player's guides, but they are too vague to be literal steps to success. There's no checklist saying to get a raise wear this shirt, or buy this house, or talk to this person at the company party. There's no walkthrough to being a person, for some reason.