1. No Traffic

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

The best thing about open-world driving games (think Burnout Paradise) is not the turbo, nor the ability to walk away from a horrible-yet-badass crash: It's the fact that there are barely any cars on the road. Sure, there might be some other vehicles, and in some games there are actually working stoplights, but it's hard to imagine a game where there is bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to get off the highway.

And with good reason. Traffic is miserable. If human motorists drove like their NPC counterparts – calmly, methodically, programmed to drive at the same pace and leave a safe following distance between cars, not only would road rage decline, but so would the majority of traffic collisions. Except for ones caused by turbo strips, of course.

2. There's Money Everywhere

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

Mario just has it so great, doesn't he? He's just walking along, minding his own business when he sees a coin just floating in the air. And another right next to it. And another. So he grabs all the coins until – oh no! There aren't any left for him to grab. Out of frustration, he punches a brick. And gets more free money. Then he gets another life. The Mushroom Kingdom probably never even heard of the word 'recession.'

In video games, money is hidden inside pretty much everything. Chests, jars, enemies, even blades of grass. If you can bust it open, there's probably money inside. If all people in real life had to do to get rich was smash a vase, collect money, leave the room, come back and smash the vase again, we'd solve the world's economic problems without ever having to leave Pier 1.

3. C-C-Combos

8 Things From Videogames I Wish Existed In Real Life and 1 Im Glad Doesnt - Image 1

Video games with combos or chains are great because they reward the player for immediate past successes. A string of block-trick-fakeout-fakeout leads to a Gamebreaker dunk, not the other way around. Landing a few crouching lights and some standing heavies without screwing up is rewarded with HADOUKEN! And a nollie's cool, but you know what's cooler? A billion nollies.

What if combos were a thing in real life? Wake up on time without the alarm – check. Shave without nicking yourself – check. Tie a perfect knot on try one – check. That's enough built up meter to nail the job interview, breeze through training, bang out some spreadsheets and get promoted – all before lunch.