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A few years ago, my family and I had gone to the local lake for a picnic. My cousin dared me to race him to a buoy floating in the water. We began to swim, but we decided to turn back half way because I was getting too tired. Then all of a sudden my energy left me and I tried to touch the bottom, not realizing I was in at least 10 feet of lake water. I panicked, but instead of seeing my whole life flash before my eyes, all I could think of was not being able to see the end of Fallout 3 I just bought the week before. That's when I yelled for help, and a bald dude in red shorts saved me.

Thanks 'Red Shorts Guy' and Fallout for saving my life.-Sehaj

When I was younger my brother and I got grounded from playing N64. So what did we do? Snuck over to the neighbor's house and watched them play through their windows.-Anonymous

As a college athlete my time was time was scarce. But, over my four years there I managed to beat every Zelda game from start to finish. After I was done I asked my friend to draw a picture of my four favorite things lacrosse, my fraternity (Phi Delta Theta), my favorite band (Story of the Year), and of course the Legend of Zelda. When he was done with the collage I liked it so much I had to get it tattooed. I'm now a college lacrosse coach.-Jeff (see below)

In a geography lesson, our teacher asked us to point out Vietnam on a map. I did so immediately, which my teacher found impressive. The only reason I know where it was is because I traded with someone from there on the Global Trade Station, on Pokemon Diamond, and it appeared on a map.-Javan

I commute 85 miles one way, every day, to work. I've nicknamed sections of the commute from regions in the Lord of the Rings. My home is Bag End and is in a neighborhood of retirees that garden constantly. Work is Barad-dur (complete with security gate and watch towers), etc. Worst part of the trip is a stretch of construction traffic heavily patrolled by state troopers. Takes forever to get through it and you hope to sneak out alive without being noticed and ticketed. I call it the Mines of Moria.-Matt

When I was a kid, the first contact I had with videogame consoles was a PSone that a friend of mine had. When I got home later that day, I started making some kind of papercraft PSone so I could pretend like I had a console too. My mother and uncle saw me doing this, and apparently my uncle told my mom she should get me the videogame console. A few days later, my mother got home with a brand new PS2 and said to me "Look what I bought, it's that videogame you liked!". I was devastated. It wasn't a PSone.-Ricky

Jeff's Tattoo

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