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Years ago, I got Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy Color. The first few hours were amazing, but the best moment was when I captured my first wild Pokemon, a Mankey. In the days that would follow, Mankey was the only Pokemon I used – eventually evolving him into Primeape. Somehow, a few days later, my game was gone and lost. Looked everywhere, but could not find it.

I was heart-broken. It was like I'd just gotten a dog and it ran away. When I went into college, my cousin gave me her old DS, and since I had nothing to lose, I bought Pokemon HeartGold and started a new game. Weeks later I reached Route 42, and my first encounter was a Mankey. Everything childhood memory came back, and I captured him. Now he's part of my main team. It felt like that dog that ran away had come back, after all these years.-Fernando

I never cry during sad movies or even when people die. I've only cried twice in 5 years – Metal Gear Solid 4's ending and when Edge left WWE.-Dan

When I turned 17 I got this tattoo. I was underaged, so it was technically illegal, and my mom was not happy when she saw it. I was made fun of in school by all the cool kids. Still…totally worth it.-Valtteri (see below)

My mom died when I was 9 years old. After that, I became a mute and wouldn't talk at all or even try to make friends. When Pokemon Red/Blue came out, my dad bought me the Red version. Raichu become my favorite Pokemon. Through the experience of playing, I felt ashamed that I was hiding from the world when Red was trying to be a Pokemon master while having to be away from his mom. So I learned how to talk and make friends again. Today, I have a husband who loves Pokemon as much as I do. So to celebrate my love and to never forget to be strong, I have a Raichu tattoo on my arm with my mom's name under it. -Anonymous (see below)

So I was playing Skyrim one night, and I was heading off to start a new quest by foot. As I was walking by this small pond in the middle of no where, I heard the (now familiar) sound of a Mudcrab. At this point, I hadn't encountered one in-game before. At the pond, there was only one Mudcrab, and it was sitting right next to where I was standing. All it did was click its claws and stare at me, so I thought it wasn't going to pinch me or anything. I had to use the washroom at that point, so – thinking I was relatively safe – I had my character crouch in front of the crab and stare right back at it without pausing the game. After wasting roughly 5 minutes, I came back to the game to find the crab still staring and chilling with my character. I thought the crab was pretty cool for being such a chill dude, so I was going to leave it in peace and leave a marker on the spot where we hung out. Unfortunately, I fumbled with the controller as I picked it up, hit the right trigger, and I ended up killing my Mudcrab friend. I killed the coolest crab in all of Skyrim, and I felt terrible. In honor of him, I harvested his chitin and I still have it in my inventory. RIP Chillest Mudcrab, you were the coolest friend.-Keenan

And this week's "Please Tell Me You Did Not Actually Use The Bathroom During This" Award goes to…

I attended The Dark Knight on opening day. When I walked into the men's room, there was a man lying on the floor – he had been shot three times in the chest and was gasping for air. An ambulance came and took him away while the manager tried to give everyone free tickets so they didn't lose customers. I went back to my seat and watched the rest of The Dark Knight.-Matthew

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