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So I was playing Halo Reach Team Deathmatch with some buddies. I see my friend throw a plasma grenade that lands right on an enemy's face, so I tell him "Aw man, nice stick, dude". My teammates start laughing hysterically and I don't understand why. I then realize, the "nice stick" part sounded like a really awkward mad gab. Just try saying it out loud and you'll hear what I mean. It didn't sound like I was complimenting his grenade kill at all.-Chandler
A Mexican kid called me a redneck on Xbox live. I'm from Eastern Canada.-Cody
A guy in my Clan on MW2 has a lot of good things he likes to say to people who are pissing us off, but my personal favorite is, "I'm gonna take your mom out for a Very Nice Dinner, and never call her again!!"-Anonymous
When I play MW2, I tend to pick on the little kids who are obviously too young to have bought the game themselves. So I was going at it with this one kid who kept calling me a whore (just like my mom). I made some joke about his testicles not having dropped yet, and as a last resort to get me back, he said I never got laid. Then out of nowhere, some random guy goes, "So which is it? Is he a whore or a virgin? He can't be both!" The kid stuttered and signed off immediately.-Corey

While playing Halo Reach, I was teamed up with two guys who had similar names (apparently they were brothers). This annoying little kid kept trying to make fun of their names, and wouldn't shut up the entire match. After the match the kid, in an attempt to make fun of them, asked "Do you ever sign on to the others account because you're stupid?" So I responded "Doesn't matter. They are interchangeable like your mom's vagina and your mom's asshole.  Just gotta pick one and go." The lobby erupted in laughter while the kid just yelled "SHUT UP!!!" and signed off.-Andrew
I was playing a free for all match and it was a close game between me and cmanwalker. This guy kept camping and spawn killing everyone and so I started to taunt him calling him "semen-camper" and he got really angry and tried to smack talk me back. I kept this going throughout the game and eventually it was tied between us right at the last kill. I found him camping again and knifed him in the back FTW after that I said, "how did you like that busted all over your back semen-camper?"  He started swearing into the mike and at the lobby screen of the next match he backed out.-Tim
I was playing MW2 and this guy is talking to his friends and he says "My piece is resonating so well, the water in there stays clear, each time I pour it out it's clear. I mean, I wouldn't drink it because it's bong water but hey it is clear, the next time a Mormon comes to my door I'll give it to him to drink."-Anonymous