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I romanced Ashley in Mass Effect 1, and then Tali in Mass Effect 2. When Mass Effect 3 rolled around, I was faced with a difficult decision: Which one would I pick as my definitive love interest? I thought about it long and hard, pondering over "my" past experiences with the women and weighing the pros and cons of each choice, and I eventually settled on Ashley but kept a separate save file with which I could go back and choose Tali if I changed my mind. As the next several hours of the game progressed and I interacted more with both squadmates, I realized that I'd made a mistake. Tali had always been by my side, having complete faith in me even when close friends (like Ashley) thought I was a Cerberus traitor. While Ashley needed constant assurance and re-convincing, Tali trusted me absolutely, even with the fate of her entire race. My realization was like a romantic movie moment, except that instead of a stereotypical "dashing to the airport" scene I proved my devotion by going back to the other save file, effectively sacrificing 8 hours of gameplay to make things right. Keelah se'lai.-Charles

I recently got a new tattoo. Here it is, in all its 8-bit splendor.-Spencer (see below)

I'm in the army. I'm considering knocking my wife up so I can come home from overseas to play Diablo III for a couple weeks. Thanks, Blizzard!-Anonymous

So for teacher's appreciation week at school, I (being on student government(, was assigned to make an appreciative door covering for the two computer lab supervisors. Since I go to a super nerdy school where the computer labs are always full of sweaty kids playing computer games (and since I am secretly a super geek myself) I made this nerdy poster hoping that my fellow nerds might get the joke… few did. It was still worth it to see the puzzled expressions upon the faces of the "cool" kids in the hallway. -Josh (see below)

So for my Medieval & Renaissance humanities course, our final included an "identifications" section, where we had to identify characters, settings, pictures, etc. One was a picture of a town with many towers, with the name San Gimignano. I recognized it from Assassin's Creed II and was able to correctly identify it's defining characteristic as it's many towers. I got an A in the class because I did so well on the final. -Daniel

One Christmas when I was younger I really wanted a GameBoy Advanced. A couple of weeks before I got mine, my cousin came around and showed me how cool his was. I got super excited watching him play Pokemon – so excited in fact that, despite knowing I need to shit, I held it in as long as I could. Just as he got to the most exciting part of the game, I couldn't hold it anymore. I can proudly say I've shit my pants watching someone play Pokemon.-Jake

Spencer's Tattoo

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Pwn Up: Romance Wasn't Built In A Day - Image 1