You start Final Fantasy XII as Reks, a young soldier who just happens to dress like a Maury Povich out-of-control teenage prostitute who's really into renaissance fairs. In other words, Reks is your typical Final Fantasy protagonist, but with one key difference: He's murdered only moments into the game - betrayed (seemingly) by the knight Basch, leaving you to play out the rest of the game as Vaan, Reks' brother. Maybe it would have been a little more difficult to get stabbed if you didn't have that exposed midriff, Reks. And the tramp stamp didn't really affect things, but was still probably a bad idea.



This probably shouldn't have been too surprising. As anyone who ever watched Lost knows, whenever someone says they have answers and information, they must be murdered horribly and immediately before they reveal anything important. But getting brainsucked by an Advisor? We wouldn't have even wished that death on the writers of Lost. Okay, maybe after the finale.



Sometimes we take things for granted - clean water, not being destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse, your dad and his soothing Liam Neeson-esque voice, etc. Hopefully Fallout 3 made you really appreciate those things, especially when you were drinking radiated toilet water or watching your father (who you'd been searching for the entire game) kill himself and some bad dudes. Eventually you fulfill your dad's dream of getting clean water to the Capital Wasteland, as well as my dream of fighting alongside a giant laser-shooting robot.



Well, okay, you don't really see his death, but you do see him fade into nothingness, which is actually a lot worse. It turns out Tidus was the dream of a Fayth, which is even worse than getting Sixth Sense'd and finding out you were dead the whole time. Tidus never even really was alive. And for a dream, he sure dressed like he was in a Backstreet Boys' overzippered, half-shorts-wearing nightmare.