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The funniest thing I ever heard on Xbox live was while playing a MW1 match. I got into this game with a bunch of kids who were 12-14, all in the same clan and had all top prestige. I ended up playing well and was destroying them. After the match, one kid, I guess the leader, called me out to 1v1 him in a match. Considering I was already late to go out, I said I couldn't and he starting calling me out and what not. I then replied, "I'll 1v1 your mom, and he replied "Good, my mom is actually good at this game." Then in the background you hear "Mom, some kid wants to 1v1 you," the entire lobby just burst out in laughter, and the kid left.-Troy
Some dude on Modern Warfare 2, talking to another kid"So what I'm saying is, my threesome was with a solid 7, then maybe a 2. Does that mean I got with a single 9 or?"Other kid: "No man, you average it. So really you got with like a 4.5."-Justin
From a ten or eleven year old, during a Gears of War match"You're a douche-bag. You're a bag full of douches."-Dave

I was playing a game of Modern Warfare 2 when some 12 year old joined and started acting really annoying. Me and some other guy on our team kept telling him to shut up. When we did, he threatened to rape our families. Remembering one of your past articles, I asked him if he knew what rape meant. He said yes so me and the other gamer kept asking him and he kept claiming he was having mic issues. He even made fake static noises and hit his mic. Anytime we talked about something else, he heard us perfectly. So than I said "I'll send you a message in text of what we're asking" As soon as I say this, he claims there is a giant crack in his TV. I started typing and told him I was going to send it. He immediately left the game and never replied.-Nick S.
Me and my best friend were playing Team Tactical in CoD 4 one day. We were LAN'ing it right next to each other, but we both had our own screen. Like usual were were stuck as a team of two with no third guy against a full team of three. The first round of a Search and Destroy match was just starting when we both got a message from one of our opponents. We opened it find only one word: "Distraction". By the time we both stopped laughing the bomb had blown up and we had lost the round. We do this to others every chance we get now. It's just too good.-Jay D.
While playing TDM in pregame lobby I heard a kid say "Yo dude do you know if anyone you brought to the party last night snuck into my neighbor's house and passed out in their attic?" Then I heard the other kid say "No, why what does he look like?" Then the first kid says, "I don't know my neighbors woke up to a rustling in the attic and they found some kid passed out so they left. I think he's still up there."-Harvey
In the middle of playing some kid in Madden who was babysitting his cousin, I hear what had to be an 8 year old say "Jake, someone's been outside my window, I'm scared." Of course he pauses the game and goes to look, but doesn't turn his mic off. Next thing I hear is "Oh fuck!! Joey get upstairs now!!!" followed by more swearing. Then the kid says to me "Shit's about to go down!!" and disconnects. 3 days later and I still haven't heard back. -Josh