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Recently my girlfriend and I went to our local Gamestop. I noticed that there was a new girl working the counter, and that she had a triforce tattoo on her bicep. As we were leaving the store, I commented to my girlfriend how cool it was to see other girl gamers. With snort of derision my girlfriend said "The triforce should go on the back of your hand."-Logan

Back in the NES days, my cousin and I would play the Double Dragon games., We didn't know much about hardware capacities and all that tech stuff, so when we played with too many enemies on stage and suffered frame slowdown, we thought "Hey, it's great that developers add that slow-motion effect in the fights". Years passed and we always thought that was added to the game to make it look cooler, especially with the helicoper-kick in slo-mo. Now we know the truth.-Travis

Me and my girlfriend wanted to get matching tattoos. Being the Pokemon nerd that I am I suggested Minun and Plusle. You can see what she thought of the idea…-Anonymous (see below)

In primary school my best friend and I were into original Diablo. We wanted to play online together via Battlenet, which was really problematic. Since these were the days of dial-up modems and we only had one phone line, it was not possible to use the telephone AND be online at the same time, so we ended up physically meeting by running to each others houses, which happened up to 50 times the first day. It never ended up working.-Tobias

On my final paper for my English class I used the phrase "It was a sort of paradigm shift". My English professor was impressed and asked where I learned to use those words. I just shrugged it off. Final Fantasy XIII helped get me an A.-Nick

Yesterday, I was sitting in my bed wearing nothing but my boxers. I was playing with my 3DS when suddenly, a tiny moth landed on my foot. When the creature started crawling up my leg, I saw the image of Wanda from Shadow of the Colossus in front of my eyes. Carefully, I got out of bed, went to my computer and started the song "Demise of the Ritual" from the SotC soundtrack. I stared at the moth for the whole 2 and a half minutes. 5 seconds or so before the song was over, the insect was fed up with me and flew away as the final notes of the melody played in my room. After it was over, I sat there for a while in silence. It was the most awe-inspiring moment of my life.-Anonymous

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