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Pwn Up: The Reverse Mario - Image 1
When I was a child, Super Mario World for the SNES was my favorite game. The gaming room in my house had a small bathroom connected to it, with a large mirror on the inside of the door. One day I moved the SNES to the floor so the controller could reach the bathroom, and I began keeping the door open during my breaks so I could see the TV via the bathroom door's mirror. Of course, everything was reversed, so it was always more difficult to complete a level while playing in this manner. I ended up beating it more times with everything reversed than the regular way.-Thomas

I have a phone with a gamepad where a keyboard would be. The best part of it is I can play Pokemon with physical controls on my phone. I became so addicted recently, I grabbed a sandwich bag, put my phone in, duct taped the top, and played Pokemon in the shower.-Mike

When I was younger, I had a friend who had gotten Killer Instinct. I would spend the night at his house every weekend so I could play, always playing as Sabrewulf. But no matter how many times we would play, he always beat me. I finally bought the game, bought a game guide and learned every sequence of combo moves for just about every player (about a week and a half of constant practice after school). I never told my friend about doing this, and one day he invited me over for a sleep over. He made jokes about kicking my ass as he turned on the game. I trounced him using Sabrewulf with an ultra combo. He didn't want to play after that and we watched a movie. He didn't invite me over anymore after that, and our friendship faded away.-Travis

I got in trouble and almost thrown out of my SAT class for having an electric device out. It wasn't a phone, which I could get answers on, but my Gameboy Advance SP. I was busy playing Pokemon Emerald on it. They probably woudn't have caught me if I had turned the sound down, but I was fighting the Elite Four and I just had to hear that epic music playing. I'm taking the SAT again in June, and I'm buying Fire Red for the occasion.-Chandler

Through my years as a gamer, I have played on every handheld console around. Recently I had a bit of a realization as I was playing Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – for every single handheld game I've ever played, I have always completed a major part of the story while on the toilet.-Domino

My school recently held an invention fair. Rather than sketching our designs, we used Minecraft. We got a lot of compliments from the teachers on how creative it was. The only issue was that I was so wrapped up in the project, my girlfriend broke up with me because she said I wasn't paying enough attention to her.-Jake (see below for video)