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Every Tuesday, 8 of my mates come around to play Halo: Reach. During the day, while everyone is still at work, we like to text taunts to each other to fire everyone up for the night ahead. Last week I sent my own Halo-inspired version of the Lord's Prayer:

Our Spartan on Reach, Halo be thy gameThy Elites comeBattles will be done on Spire as it is on Hemmorage,Give us this day our weekly pizza,and forgive us our betrayals,as we forgive those who betray against us,Lead us not into the scope of a sniper,but deliver us the Flag.For the victory, the power and the glorious swords1 minute remaining,Game Over-Matt

A couple weeks ago I was at work planning my foray into Skyrim once my shift ended. I started making a list of all the Daedric artifacts I had and still needed to get. I was called away from my post and left the handwritten list by my register. A week later my manager pulled me aside and said there was a problem. He said, "Corporate called. They looked over the list of required items you left at your register. They said they were sorry but they don't have the Masque of Clavicus Vile in their inventory."-Scott

I'm getting married in less than two months. When I tried on my wedding ring to make sure it fit, I saw my fiance had something engraved inside the band. In tiny letters, it said "I choose you!"-Lucky Friggin' Dude

In my Spanish class, we were starting a new section on Costa Rica and the professor asked us what we already knew about the country. No one knew much about it and, to break the silence, I raised my hand and said, "Costa Rica doesn't have an army, right?" My professor was ecstatic. The only reason I know that is from playing Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker.-Chidi

I've seen a lot of nerd tattoos here, so I thought I'd share mine, of my favourite videogame of all time, Sam & Max Hit the Road.-Stephen (see below)

And this week's "Really Well Thought Out Plan Award" goes to…

My immediate family all know I have been incredibly busy this year with studying for a Masters degree while keeping up with work commitments. I have enjoyed the luxury of being able to turn down invitations to family events due to study or work – so much so that I have convinced my parents that I will continue studying into mid-2013 (I actually intend to graduate at the end of 2012). This will leave a lot more time for video games and wrestling in the new year, but I'm not really sure what to do when they start asking about attending my graduation ceremony next year.-Anonymous

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