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I didn't bother getting my driver's license until age 19. I only did it then because I needed it to trade in games at the nearest EB Games.-Ali

My roommate is an intern at the local hospital. After reading all the articles about peeing in trashcans, he came home happier than I had ever seen him. He explained to me that he stole two breast pumps, some tubing and collection bags and rigged them up, so that when we're playing video games we can just attach these little devices to our members and pee without having to leave the couch. Also, the two devices are clearly marked so we know whose is whose.-Jason

As a computer science major, I hate the stereotypes attached (boring, socially inept, etc). After giving a diatribe against this stigma to my roommate in the morning, I spent the entire day (and then some) naked and hunched over, sitting with my laptop and debugging.-Anonymous

After watching a Mass Effect 3 video on YouTube, I wrote what I believed to be a clever quip on the ending of the game. I was reminded of the comment I made a few days later by a discussion with a friend, and decided to look the video up again to see what the general response to my comment was. I found the video after a few days of searching, and I was satisfied to see that my comment was the top rated comment, and that my joke was well-received by the entire YouTube community.-Xuelin

I had plans to go to Las Vegas for three days with my friends, but I cancelled – saying that I didn't have the money. The actual reason is that the final book of the Wheel of Time series is expected to be released on my birthday. I plan on taking those three days off of work to read it and do nothing else.-Anonymous

I've just finished my third year in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Once I finished passing in my portfolios, I started working (much more enthusiastically) on artwork that suits my interests. I sanded the top of my old Nintendo DSlite so it would hold acrylic paint, and covered it with my favorite Nintendo characters.-Kate (see below)

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