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You want video games to trick you, to make you feel immersed in the pixelated world you've found yourself in. With as much skill and work and thought goes into playing a game, you want to feel like you're participating in a real world with real consequences. Sub-Zero's fatality is a lot more fun when it's murder and not a non-interactive, real-time cutscene.

At the same time, whether by necessity or greed, developers tend to ruin the world of their games again and again by showing how the sausage is made. Here are 7 world-ruining moments in videogames.

7) "Saved the village? Let everyone know on Facebook & Twitter!"

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Great job killing the Demon Lord Angel Slayer! The world is now a safer place. Children can once again dream of a world free from fear and death and lava-filled castles! Now...why not let your Mom know on Facebook?

Social media integration takes game accomplishments and turns them into an ad for a game you already bought. But, on the plus side, all that work is now ruined by logos for websites that could never exist in a fantasy universe.

6) "This conveniently-placed crystal should help you remember your quest."

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The crystal... it's invading... your brain... Don't turn off the console! Save points are one of those grandfathers of gaming you don't even think about anymore. Sure, that weird red mark on the wall is going to "record your nightmares." But you always know it's a save point. You might be glad there's a save point. You might be relieved you can come back later. But at that moment you save, you're removed from the world of the game and dropped into a world where you should go outside for a minute.

5) "Your friend is dead. But for real dead because the cut scene said so."

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Hey, a giant rat killed your girlfriend. Life potion! Hey, a major villain killed your girlfriend. Too bad, she's dead because it helps you develop as a character. Cut scenes are made the drive the story forward, which can be great until they break the entire game's world into "things that can happen in the rest of the game" and "things that can happen in the cut scene."

4) "You picked up a coffee mug and now you can't walk!"

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You've got three shotguns, twenty pounds of food, and a full set of cyber armor. Wait, one extra bag of tea suddenly slows you to a crawl and you can't teleport because, you know, game balancing. Few things are as obscenely obvious as encumbrance rules in games. Unlike in real life, where extra weight gradually slows you down or makes you more tired, holding objects in games comes in two flavors: you can run for miles and crawling on the floor, begging someone to please kill you.