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When I was younger, my house was situated in a way that let me see my parent's TV from my bunk bed. For a long time, I would to go to sleep watching my dad play Ocarina of Time. But one night, I fell asleep and ended up falling from the top bunk, knocking myself unconscious. I don't remember a thing, but my mom and dad were so worried they rushed me to the ER. Luckily, I didn't miss any important scenes.-Kyle

When I was applying to college last year, I had no idea what major I wanted. After hours of debating and no decisions, I sat down to play some Assassin's Creed II and blow off some steam. I am now a second year history major.-Dominic

I go through the Jedi Code in my head to calm down before an exam.-Rob

Thanks to my knowledge that major videogame releases happen on Tuesday and the fact that Borderlands 2 comes out on September 18th of this year, I now know that my anniversary is on a Wednesday.-Colin

My girlfriend has a bunch of pictures of her family in our apartment. Being an orphan I've put up pictures and statues of Batman, Wolverine, and Captain America instead.-Mike

My nephew Jack was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a disorder with up to 62% mortality rates. His first major surgery was performed during the Cesarian delivery and he immediately was placed on a heart and lung bypass machine. After spending his first five an a half months in a neonatal intensive care unit and enduring countless surgeries he was finally able to leave the hospital and, while still medically-fragile, we could finally breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate this unexpected victory. While we were leaving the hospital, it occurred to me that Jack was seeing sunlight for the first time at nearly half a year old. I couldn't help but think about the "leaving the vault" scene in Fallout and Fallout 3. As I accompanied the joyous procession to the car, I delighted in making Fallout inspired jokes such as "I bet he's wondering why the ceiling is so high in this room and there's only one giant light".-Tom

My boyfriend proposed to me at PAX East, in cosplay, onstage at the League of Legends booth. Guess I'm AP, 'cuz I got a Doran's Ring.-Anonymous (see below)

And the winner of this week's "You Would Not Believe How Many Emails We've Gotten About People Peeing In Trashcans" Award Goes To…

When I read that some people peed in a trashcan when playing games, I didn't think it was much of a big deal. Sometimes I would pee in a water bottle because I didn't have a trashcan in my room.-Dan

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