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Pwn Up: Videogame Funeral - Image 2

The first funeral that I attended was when I was about 7 or 8 and took place at my best friend's house. We and our brothers celebrated the life of my friend's golden Legend of Zelda NES cartridge. Near the end, the game just wouldn't play right anymore without glitching up. We each said our favorite memories, and it was "buried" underneath the couch in his basement. It will always live on in our memories.-Mike

I keep my mouse with me in my bag when I visit my girlfriend. I use it to play LoL when she falls asleep next to me. If she asks what I'm doing, I tell her I'm working or sending an e-mail. She hasn't questioned it yet.-Luke

I remember a time when I was about 13 in which I wanted to get a fake I.D. I didn't want a fake to get tobacco or alcohol, I wanted one so I could get M-Rated video games. I just turned 17 that won't be a problem anymore.-zRiffz

My dad used to enjoy playing on my copy of Medal of Honor: Frontline when he got back from work to de-stress. The PS2 was in my bedroom. He eventually got so addicted that a small hindrance such as me needing to go to bed wouldn't stop him. He'd turn the sound off and carry on playing in the dark for hours. I could always tell when he fired the Panzerschreck because my entire wall lit up.-Anonymous

The only way I remember how to spell Wednesday is that NES is in the middle.-Kyle

Someone on my Facebook news feed posted a spoiler from the first episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I was so angry that I immediately unfriended him.-Will

When I was younger I was easily startled. So Pikmin 2 gave me heart attacks waiting for the enemies to drop from the skies. I kinda liked it during the story when I half expected it at least. When I unlocked co-op I spent quite a bit of time learning and developing my strategies for each map, so while me and my friend were alone we went one one particular map. I drew him into the middle to launch an attack on him when I learned something. The enemies are altered sometimes. So what is usually a simple grunt turned into a raging long legs, I screamed so hard that the neighbors rushed over. I never went on co-op ever again.-Troy