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In high school, I played World of Warcraft with three friends (circa vanilla). Every weekend we would get together and get smashed while farming for the best blue pieces. Back then blues actually mattered. One night, a member of our group revealed that he knew a guy on our server who happened to be related to a top dog at Domino's pizza. We farmed up as much gold as we could before Domino's was closing, then we traded it all to him in exchange for a large pizza and cheese stick delivery. It probably wasn't worth the time we put into it.-Anonymous

When my friend wants a booty call, she asks me to come over to play Mario 3 on her NES. To be fair, we usually do end up beating the game before we hook up.-D.T.

When I was 7, I was watching my cousin play Super Mario Bros. He sucked and time was running out. I had never seen time run out before. I started to panic. I didn't know what would happen. I tried to grab the controller, but my cousin played keep away. Then my older brother joined in and pinned me down. I was forced to watch in horror as the timer dropped. I flailed my arms, kicked, cried crocodile tears and screamed as I waited for the Nintendo to explode. I escaped with five seconds left on the time and ripped the Nintendo, cords and all, out of the wall. I'm 24 now, and my family still hasn't let me live this down.-Brent

Two of my closest friends met for the first time at Dragoncon while they were cosplaying as Bill Adama and President Roslin from Battlestar. The following year they get engaged at one of the BSG panels. Last year, they had a BSG-themed wedding at Dragoncon.-Anonymous

My dad worked a lot when I was young. I felt like I was missing out because he was never around. Then one night, he watched some Toonami with me and got hooked on Samurai Jack. From then on, we'd always watch the show together. Eventually we moved on to other shows, like Jimmy Neutron and Oddparents. Since then I have had him watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and Fullmetal Alchemist. He had me watch Firefly. Now I'm 21 and out of the house, but we're keeping the tradition alive. We're currently working our way through Batman Beyond and Star Trek TNG.-His son, Corwin

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom told me she had gotten me an awesome game for Christmas. I was amazed. My mom hates videogames. The only way I could buy or rent them was with my own allowance. Anyway, I was going nuts waiting for Christmas to see what game she bought. Christmas rolls around and the last present was my "awesome" videogame. It was Noah's Bible Adventures or something like that on the original Gameboy. There was no way I could hide my disappointment. The game was terrible. I think I maybe played it three times. Although, a few years later, I traded it in at Funcoland (remember those) towards a Gameboy Color Pocket and I got like $75 for the game. Turns out it was produced in a limited run and was kinda rare.-Anonymous

In iOS Street Fighter 4, there's no time limit to select "rematch" or "leave" after a match. You could wait there forever until both players chose something. I played a troll that liked to run out the clock instead of fighting me, and when I chose "rematch" after, he didn't choose anything. He just waited, hoping I would get frustrated and leave. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. I was determined to wait him out. Neither of us was giving in, we were on that screen for hours. Eventually I had to go to sleep. I plugged my phone in and kept the game on for the night. The next morning I woke up to find that he had disconnected. It took 10 hours, but I won.-Kevin

A friend of mine baked a Poliwhirl cake. The swirl on it's stomach was backwards, and started at the top instead of the bottom, but it was still an awesome cake.-Michael

Pwn Up: Cartoon Dad - Image 1