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In response to the guy that peed in the sink 'cause it was closer: I used to pee in a trashcan a few steps from the couch until my parents asked me if I was peeing in the trashcan. I got away with it for months.-Anonymous

I just got my first-ever tailor made clothing item. It was a Star Trek TNG uniform my girlfriend bought me for my birthday.-Boaz

I didn't have an N64 when Ocarina of Time came out, but the local Best Buy had it on display. It wasn't a standard display, either. This was back when they had huge, multi-screen showcases hanging from the rafters. I kept finding excuses to go to Best Buy and play it. Every time I'd find my old saved game deleted. After three weeks of this, my brother drove me there for the store opening. It was the holiday season, so they opened two hours early and closed two hours late. I jumped on and played a marathon session. I stood the whole day, not letting anyone else on. I made it through the whole game in one session. I left with the credits rolling and two hours to spare.-Shon

My mom always loved to watch me play video games, especially Castlevania. She once burst in my room, handed me the controller and told me to start playing. I explained that I had a book report due the next day on "My Antonia," by Willa Cather. She took my notebook and said, "I've read it before. You kill, I write." She finished that report in time for the Mummy Twins fight. I got the best grade ever.-Anonymous

Quite a while ago, I heard a rumored method to obtain Mew in Pokemon Blue. It was that the Magikarp you buy right before entering Mt. Moon can evolve into a Mew. You need to train it all the way to Lv. 100 without using a single Rare Candy or leaving it at the Daycare Center. From my experience, I can assure you it doesn't work.-KaizoDude

I was at a trivia night with some friends when the sports round came up. We were weak on sports. Videogames and The Simpsons were our strong rounds. I managed to get one question. I knew who won the last Super Bowl because George RR Martin mentioned it on his blog.-Claren

I met my girlfriend of two years in Guild Wars. She lived two hours away. After months of talking and playing together, she decided to take the bus to see a guy she'd never met. I love you Jen! Guild Wars is the nerd E-Harmony.-Todd

I saw the pokeball nails in last week's Pwn Up and was unimpressed. My friend does it all the time, and then some.-Anonymous (Ed. note: It's not a contest, but you win)

Pwn Up: Nerd Nails - Image 1