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Pwn Up: Magic the Condoming - Image 1

When I used to need to pee between Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne matches, I peed in the sink in the kitchen. It was closer than the bathroom.-Anonymous

I walked eight miles in the mid-day Florida sun to buy Pokemon: White on launch day. If I had waited until the next day, I would have had money for the bus.-Chris

I got an EvE Online tattoo on my right arm a few months back. And a Deus Ex tattoo on my left arm. Yeaaaaah!-Anonymous (Picture below)

My dad and I have always been gamers. We each have our own PS3 in different parts of the house. He got his because I wouldn't let him play mine while I was sleeping. It had unintended consequences. My dad recently had a videogame night for him and his friends. I was not invited.-A Regretful Son

I was sitting in my room watching TV, when my father came in to chat. Mid conversation, he looked at the dresser next to my bed and asked, "Don't you think you should put those away?" He'd spotted a black box with the words "Ultra-Pro" on top. He thought they were condoms. It was actually a deck box for a card game I play.-Pat L.

One of my friends got her nails painted like pokeballs.-Michael (Picture below)

I studied in a country where British English was the standard teaching language. One day, I insisted that my chemistry teacher was wrong and was sent to the principal for insubordination. I had insisted she spelled "sulphur" wrong. I thought it should have been "sulfur." I was adamant, because I'd been playing a lot of Heroes of Might and Magic 2, and that was the key to getting more black dragons.-Anonymous

My birthday is coming up in the next couple days. My girlfriend and I are both avid Skyrim players, so she made me a special card for the occasion.-Luckiest Boyfriend (Picture below)

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