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Pwn Up: Modern Warfare Football Coach - Image 1

My daughter is into princesses. I showed her what a true princess was by beating Skyward Sword to show her Zelda. It is now a nightly event that I fight Demise, and bedtime comes as Zelda asks Link what he's going to do now.-A Proud Dad

A few years back, in high school, I got a DS Lite and Mario Kart DS. I'd never played a racing game before. In my first few matches against my friends I got crushed. Not to be deterred, I started practicing every day. I mastered "snaking," the art of drifting to the left and right to gain consistent speed boosts. I played until I buried the time trials of the developers under my own times. I practiced enough to realize the heavy stat didn't affect racing speed. Since that first day, I've won almost every Mario Kart DS game I've played, in person and online. I even bought a second DS so I could play classmates during our break.-KShao

This girl I thought was really hot told me Legolas was her favorite Lord of the Rings Character. I re-watched the entire LOTR trilogy so I could make conversation about him.-Horny teenager

In class the other day, my professor misspelled "asceticism." I knew it was wrong because I have a Magic card of the same name in a deck I often use.-Ben

Sophomore year, my suite mates and I had intense N64 All-Star Baseball '99 competitions. I would play as the Atlanta Braves and my two suite mates would be play as the Yankees. It was bottom of the 9th at 13 – 0 Braves. Out of nowhere they started making a come back. As the home runs started flying, so did the shit talking. I tried to keep my cool and and strike em out, but they ended up winning with a Grand Slam. After that, I did what any collected college student would do. I threw my controller, kicked the desk holding our TV and punched the wall. It was only 20 minutes later I realized I broke my hand. The Health Office was kind enough to see me only 4 days later, just to confirm my hand was broken and that I needed to see a real doctor. From then onwards, that day has become known as "The Bone Crushing Defeat of '08."-Shank

My dog died recently. I had him for more than eight years (we adopted him). I've been pretty down sing then, but I found a trick that helps me cope with the pain. In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning you have something called aggressive mode. Basically, you can kill anyone if you turn it on. When I get sad thinking about Mico (my dog), I turn on KoA:R, head to a tavern and turn on aggressive mode. Then I kill until I get killed by the guards. Then I load my last save and do it again.-Anonymous

On December 31st, 1999 I had a New Year's Eve Pokemon-fest with a friend. First we watched Pokemon: the First Movie, then we played Pokemon Yellow on our respective gameboys. We didn't realize that we missed midnight until two hours later.-Tyler

I play football for my high school. We have this pretty enthusiastic defensive-line coach. My freshman year he made us do a lot of conditioning. I hated him for it. Aside from football, I was pretty into Modern Warfare 2. When it came out, there was an article about it in the paper with a picture of my coach. He was dressed in full army cam holding the box set. He had my respect after that.-WE

Pwn Up: Modern Warfare Football Coach - Image 1