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Last year, my girlfriend gave birth to my daughter, Terra Branford Nutter. The only thing I brought to the hospital with me was my Nintendo DS and a copy of Final Fantasy 6. My goal was to beat it while she was in labor. 12 hours later, Terra was born into the world and Kefka has been smashed into oblivion.-Anonymous

One of my friends told me he'd never played a Zelda game. Since then I've been forcing him to play all of them, using every bit of leverage I can. On Valentine's Day, he asked if he could borrow my car to drop something off at his girlfriend's place "real quick." I let him. He didn't come back for four hours. I was stuck at his house playing Ghosts and Goblins with no way of contacting him. I only made it to level three in that time. He felt real guilty when he came back. I used that to make him complete the next two dungeons. So far he's completed Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. He's currently playing Windwaker and Link to the Past.-Anonymous

I don't know anyone else with a 3DS. Most of my street passes are from demo kiosks. Target Miis are always red. Between my two local stores, I have a pretty high-level red team for Find Mii 2, consisting of my good friends Nick and fvgj.-Matt

I got a tattoo on my forearm of Omegle symbol from God of War. It makes me feel tough. One night I was at the Taco Bell drive-thru at 2am. It was in a shady area. All of a sudden a group of teenagers wearing hoods came up to my car. I got scared so I rolled up my sleeve, to show them my tattoo and how tough I am. Then I tried to channel Kratos's badassery. After the employee handed me my food, he started chatting with the hooded teens. Turned out they were friends of his. They were hanging out by the window because the inside of the store was closed. I don't think they even looked at my car, or my tattoo.-Anonymous

My boyfriend and I are avid gamers. We have matching 32" HD TVs in my room so we can play from bed. As a result, I can't remember the last time we've had sex without the music from Skyward Sword, a Bethesda game or both playing in the background.-Awkward Penguin

My buddy once called me from a local game shop. He asked if I'd been there recently, because my gamer tag was on the hi-score list for one of the Colin Mcrea Rally games being demoed on a PS2. Nobody had been able to beat my score in the six days since I'd set it. Furthermore, the staff and managers told him they'd been staying after close to try and beat me. They even left it on display for an extra week.-Anonymous

I met my girlfriend by complimenting her Princess Leia buns. Our first date was watching Robot Chicken Star Wars and playing The Force Unleashed. We've been together almost four years now. I decided I want to marry her after we went to see Episode One in 3D on acid together.-Anonymous

I collected my GCSE results in a Yoshi Costume. A lot of the other students laughed at me. When the fuss died down, one of my teachers asked, "Why are you dressed up in a stupid Yoshi Costume?" I said, "You only live once." I have not been back there since.-MamaCrocodile

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