3. Recession Ending Public Works Projects

The Dorklyst: 6 Reasons Why the Empire is Better Than the Old Republic - Image 1

In the thousands of years of the Old Republic, the biggest public works project ever taken on by the government was probably a touch up of the Jedi Temple. Maybe a new paint job or something. If you're poor and unemployed without connections in the Galactic senate, you're kinda out of luck.

But not so in the Empire. The Empire is always tackling a new public works project to make sure there is plenty of economic redistribution to go around. Whether they're recruiting stormtroopers (given their aim, clearly anyone was allowed to become one) constructing the Death Star, or building the Emperor a new palace, there was always work to be found and credits to be made.

2. No More Bureaucratic Absurdity

The Dorklyst: 6 Reasons Why the Empire is Better Than the Old Republic - Image 1

The Old Republic was ruled by the galactic senate. There were 1024 senators. Currently there are 100 senators in the US senate and we already can't get anything done. By the time every senator has finished making a speech, the last senator would've already forgotten what the first senator said. The senate couldn't even take action to punish the Trade Federation after it illegally started a war and attacked an allied planet while occupying its capital city.

The Empire had none of these shenanigans. There was one Emperor. And each sector had a Moff. The Moffs ruled efficiently and effectively. If a Moff misruled, the Emperor's agents would report it to the Emperor who would come and kick some Moff ass.

1. Human Supremacy Over Alien Jerks

The Dorklyst: 6 Reasons Why the Empire is Better Than the Old Republic - Image 1

Besides the occasional furry sidekick, almost every alien in the Star Wars universe is a complete dick. There's Jabba the Hutt (big fat dick), the Jawas (little dicks), the Sand People (robed dicks) and the Neimoidians (rich dicks). And I'm not even stereotyping here. Literally all Hutts were selfish megalomaniacs interested only in self-aggrandizement even at the expense of other sentient beings. All Neimodians were greedy traders willing to resort to the use of force and extortion to squeeze revenues from other member planets. All Sand People were exceptionally prone to violence and willing to kidnap and attack innocent moisture farmers.

Just ask yourself where you'd rather live: A world run by Darth Vader or one that would permit Jar Jar Binks to hold a position of power?