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After reading every issue of Pwn Up, I feel a little less geeky, and I graduated from high school a virgin Valedictorian who quoted Spock in my speech.-Jay

I play World of Warcraft. I applied to a guild recently. The recruiter seemed interested and asked if I could make the next raid. I informed him that I would be unable to because it was Valentine's Day. He said that was an issue. I was not invited to the guild. Apparently, I am not dedicated enough to the game.-ScottyZen

I recently got a tattoo close to my armpit. The hardest part was I had to stop playing League of Legends for two days because it hurt to sweat.-MTN

I have to take motion sickness medicine to play anything other than Magic the Gathering. To play games daily it costs me $10 a month for the pills. I have to plan in advanced because I have to wait for the meds to kick in before I can even start. Also, I have to eat before I can take my meds, otherwise my stomach will throw a hissy fit. The only benefit is that the cheap medicine makes me sleepy. I can kill two birds with one stone when I want to play games and need to go to bed in a couple hours.-Danielle

I go to a bar for their weekly trivia night. The other day they asked the 3-in-1 question, "What are the names of three of the evolved forms of dragon-type Pokemon?" I could only remember Dragonite, so that was our only answer. They announced a three-way tie. Two of the teams had written Charizard. I had to explain that the other teams were wrong and Charizard is not a dragon-type. We won the points, but I lost any shot I had with the waitress.-Anonymous

I didn't have a lot of friends growing up. I found solace in death metal, Zelda and Dragonball Z. I gave up Dragonball in middle school. I thought it would make girls laugh at me. As a result, I never saw any Dragonball GT, and I always wanted to. Fast forward to 2012. I'm married to a gorgeous metalhead woman. She bought me the Dragonball GT collection for our one-year anniversary. We watched the whole thing together. On the last episode we both cried.-Anonymous

My dog died a few days ago. He was my best friend. I've been depressed about it. So far, the only thing that's helping me cope is playing The World Ends With You. I'm hoping that by the end of the Third Week, when I reach Another Day, I'll be able to function properly again. If not, I'll have to move onto some other game associated with death.-Anonymous

I was never a fan of tattoos. One week, my little brother came home on pre-deployment before leaving for Afghanistan. While he was home, he said he wanted to get a tattoo that symbolized our family. We all brainstormed ideas. My sister suggested that we all get the tattoo, so it would be our family tattoo. I jokingly suggested the triforce. My mother didn't know what it was, so my brother explained that it was a symbol that stood for wisdom, courage and strength. He was very convincing. The next think I knew, we all had tiny triforces permanently etched into our skin.-Topher R.

Pwn Up Valenpwns Day - Image 1