Valentines Day Dorklyst The 8 Greatest Nerdy Marriage Proposals - Image 1

Who says geeks have to be cooped up in some basement alone? It's the 21st century. We're fully capable of being cooped up in a basement with someone else. We build long lasting relationships over shared Mountain Dew and nights painting Warhammer figurines. In honor of Valentine's Day and geeky lovers everywhere, let's pay tribute to some of love's nerdiest moments.

8. Super Mario Bros

It's a good thing she's not a fiend for points. Grabbing those "Will You Marry Me?" coins before reading them really would have put a damper on the whole proposal. If you're consuming this article the right way (and not skimming it like a jerk, Mike) then you just watched one of the Internet's first and most popular nerdy proposal videos. It set the bar for countless imitators. Hacked ROM proposals have officially become an Internet thing, and all of the subsequent happily engaged geek couples have this guy to thank. Not that he needs your gratitude. He's busy with his happy fiancée and even happier dog. Oh, did I not mention that there was a dog in the video? You should have watched it, Mike.

7. Minecraft

It's not the only Minecraft proposal out there, but it's the most impressive we've seen. This master builder went through all the trouble of carving his (fairly wordy) marriage proposal in giant-sized letters into the landscape itself, and then built a roller coaster to usher his girlfriend through the experience, one epic-sized message of love after another. As if that wasn't enough, the ride ends with giant lava hearts, a ring, explosions, and one absolutely killer timed-out sunrise. It's enough to make any girl under the age of 35 swoon, and any girl over the age of 35 ask you to explain again just what the hell a "Minecraft" is.

6. Little Big Planet

It takes a real gamer girl to appreciate a videogame proposal, but it takes a straight up geek to complete the level after the proposal. A lesser nerd would have started crying and shouted "YES!" as soon as the question was popped. Not this lady. When she starts a level, she finishes it whether she's been asked for her hand in marriage or not. Luckily, her boyfriend/level designer was well-prepared and filled the rest of the level with giant heart-shaped balloons and an adorable "Just Married" rocket bike. The video shows very little of her reaction, save for an excited gasp at the proposal, but the YouTube description reveals that the newly engaged lady was in shock and broke into tears of joy immediately after. Chalk one up for the Little Big Proposal.

5. Star Trek

Stick around until the end of this one. That's when this video transforms from a relatively run-of-the-mill proposal at a comic convention into an instant nerd romance classic. Celebrities are a tricky bet in any proposal scenario: there's no guarantee that they're going to play along. But getting Jean-Luc Picard himself to drop a modified version of his classic "Engage!" line ensures that this couple will be the envy of Star Trek nerds well through the 24th century. Or at least until J. J. Abrams remakes this same proposal with 50% more lens flare.