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Pwn Up: Pac-Man Bra - Image 1

Former Indiana Pacers center Rik Smits is an assistant coach at one of my local high schools. At one of their games, I walked up to him and said, "Mr. Smits, thank you for your invaluable help to me in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition on the Super Nintendo." He looked at me funny and, after a long pause, said, "Uhh…. my pleasure."-Matt B.

I proposed to my girlfriend by renaming the classes on Call of Duty Black Ops into a proposal. Each class was a different word. She loved it.-Anonymous

I had the round of my life in CoD: Black Ops one night after enjoying a few adult beverages. I wanted to share my success, so I decided to email a buddy from work. His name was one below a high-ranking VP in the company directory. After sending the message about my kill/death ratio, I got a message back from the VP. All it said was "wtf are you talking about at this hour?" I had to swallow my pride and explain what the message was about. He still looks at me strangely at company meetings. I didn't mention, I was 32 at the time.-Anonymous

My wife and I got married in a small chapel in Reno in 2000. I promised her we would have a real wedding on our 10-year anniversary. In 2008, I orchestrated a surprise renewal of vows to take place in World of Warcraft on Valentine's day. When we were making plans for our 2010 wedding, we realized the only person we wanted to do our renewal in real life was the person that officiated our in-game ceremony. Thus, we flew a man we'd never met IRL across the country to marry us.-Anonymous

My girlfriend and I are going to celebrate a romantic prom weekend at ACEN, an anime convention. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm getting a Suzaku costume to match her Kallen costume from Code Geass.-Ian

I worked out my schedule to go to Afghanistan as a government employee around my schedule to play Mass Effect 3 uninterrupted.-Anonymous

In my younger days, I was quite a fan of Unreal Tournament. I live in Europe, but my only way to play it was on Dreamcast with a 56k modem on US servers. One night I was in a tourney and doing badly. All night. Around 8am GMT, all the US players left the game suddenly and I won my first ever online tournament. I thought I'd turned into a UT ninja overnight. Then I went downstairs to get coffee and saw the second plane fly into the WTC on the news. Turned out everyone had left to watch what was happening on TV.-Anonymous

I recently asked my girlfriend if I could draw on her bra. She didn't really answer me. Then one night she came over after a night out with some friends. She was a little buzzed. She presented herself in a white bra with a handful of cloth markers. This is what happened.-G

Pwn Up: Pac-Man Bra - Image 1