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I just proposed to my girlfriend. We started planning everything, and I mentioned I wanted to have Solid Snake and Meryl cake toppers. She asked who they were. I told her a requirement to marrying me was to play through MGS1 with me before the ceremony. She said yes!-Kyle (who sounds more excited to play MGS than to get married)

My fiance and I split up four months ago, after I spent months planning the perfect wedding. It was a zombie-themed wedding, complete with a zombie flash mob that would do the Thriller dance during our first dance, steam punk wedding bands, two wedding cakes (a companion cube and a human head, with red velvet cake brains), 5-inch floppy disk invitations, and a DJ playing nothing but MC Lars, MC Chris, MC Frontalot, etc. My perfect wedding was ruined by the groom.-BrooklyneB

I secretly like the hair on my toes because it makes me feel like I'm part-hobbit.-Paige

Two months ago I was coming back to my dorm pretty late. I noticed someone playing Skyward Sword in one of the TV lounges. I'm a huge Zelda fan, so I stopped in to see who it was. It turned out to be an insanely cute girl. Her roommates were using her TV so she'd been Zelda-xiled. We got to talking, and she was quite knowledgable about the whole series. Eventually I had to leave, because she was at the same point in the game as I was, and I didn't want any spoilers. By a stroke of luck, a friend of hers knew who I was and she added me on Facebook. Two weeks later I asked her out. We've been dating ever since.-Anonymous

I wasn't spoiled growing up. My parents were pretty cheap. When Pokemon cards became popular, I saved my allowance for a month to buy two booster packs. When I opened the second one, I found a first-edition shiny venesaur. I lost my shit. I showed everyone at school. However, by the end of the day, someone stole all my cards out of my desk. The next day, a kid named Andrew came to school with a first-edition shiny venusaur. I accused Andrew of stealing it for eight years, before accepting that he was telling the truth. When we lined up for our high school diplomas, Andrew turned to me and pulled out my venusaur card. I didn't hesitate to punch him straight in the face in front of my entire graduating class.-Anonymous

I watched the Philadelphia Flyers vs. Florida Panthers game recently. I wondered why Jaromir Jagr wasn't playing, since I just read that he was cleared to play after recovering from an injury. Then I remembered that I read it in the feed of my NHL 12 season.-Anonymous

I got my girlfriend into Skyrim and now she's hooked. Yesterday I went out to get food while she was playing. When I got back, I realized I left my computer open. When I looked at the history, I saw that she'd used it to read all my Facebook messages that were with females and look up Skyrim cheats. I'm more upset with her over the latter.-Gabriel

My nerdiness and drunkenness finally collided. I got drunk and ordered a custom-made dragonborn helmet online. It cost a few hound, but I regret nothing. FUS RO DAH!!!-Anonymous

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