5) Meeting Imakuni? (Pokemon Trading Card Game)

The Dorklyst The 7 Most Disturbing Moments in Pokemon - Image 1

No, I wasn't asking you a question, it's actually how you pronounce the character's name. Which is actually quite apt given that Imakuni? is ten kinds of crazy and ten thousand kinds of weird. For those reading that are not familiar with the guy -- and I don't blame you -- Imakuni? made his first, and only, North American debut in Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color. He essentially combines the worst aspects of a wandering lunatic with a creepy Cirque Du Soleil mime. The end result is an unnerving mouse-eared freak of nature who indulges in singing "The Pokerap" -- demanding that you sing and dance along with him, your dignity be damned!

Imakuni? may be totally out of his mind, true, but we shouldn't be quick to judge someone by their bizarre lifestyle decisions. He's a nice enough guy if you manage to beat him in a match, rewarding the player with more Pokemon TCG booster packs than you can shake a stick at -- way more than your parents bought you.

4) N's Room (a.k.a. Welcome to Neverland) (Pokemon Black/White Version)

The Dorklyst The 7 Most Disturbing Moments in Pokemon - Image 1

Team Plasma and their plans for world domination were doomed for failure from day one. Why? The group unanimously decided it would be best to place all of their faith in Natural Harmonia Gropius (rolls right off the tongue, right?), or "N" as his chums like to call him. He certainly covers all the standard paint-by-numbers criteria for an evil leader, but there was just one teensy snag that derailed everything: guy's got the mind of a child.

Intentional or purely coincidence, the developers took a page from Michael Jackson's Neverland, with N's room filled to the brim with children's toys and games (minus the incriminating appearance of Youngster and Bug Catcher trainers, naturally). All of this lends itself to the theory that N suffers from a severe case of Peter Pan syndrome; pretty psychologically heavy stuff for a game rated "E." Fortunately, N escapes his tortured life as "King Man-Child" with his legendary Pokemon, traveling to parts unknown. But knowing N, he probably went out to ransack a bunch of toy stores.