1. Dr. Robotnik

    Alright, if we work together we should win this. I mean, we're doctors, right?

  2. Dr. Wily

    Absolutely, Dr.Robotnik-Man.

  3. Dr. Robotnik

    Not everything has 'Man' as a suffix, Wily.

  4. Dr. Wily

    Whatever you say, Eggman-man…

  5. Dr. Robotnik

    What did you call me!?

  6. Dr. Wily

    So, uh, what robot is defeating your robots?

  7. Dr. Robotnik


  8. Dr. Wily

    You know, what robot is better and beating your robots? You know, if we examine his mechanical weakness-

  9. Dr. Robotnik

    It's, um, a hedgehog.

  10. Dr. Wily

    Excuse me?

  11. Dr. Robotnik

    Sometimes a fox, too. He can fly.

  12. Dr. Wily

    Oh that's cool. I have to battle a super robot. You know, a Mega-man. He's like a super robot who can steal powers and use them. But, no dude, small mammals, wow…that's intense.

  13. Dr. Robotnik

    Come on dude. He's literally, like, pretty fast. He's a fast hedgehog. How is my robot army supposed to compete with that?

  14. Dr. Wily

    I just don't get how these animals are stronger than you mighty robots…

  15. Dr. Robotnik

    Well, my robots are also made of animals. So…

  16. Dr. Wily

    Wait, what?

  17. Dr. Robotnik

    I brainwash animals and put them in metal suits. Bam. Robots.

  18. Dr. Wily

    That's not how robots work.

  19. Dr. Robotnik

    Are you sure? I think I'd know. My name has 'Robot' in it, and I'm a doctor.

  20. Dr. Wily

    Okay, so the hedgehog shoots his power shots and-

  21. Dr. Robotnik


  22. Dr. Wily


  23. Dr. Robotnik

    Sonic jumps on my robots. That's how he beats them.

  24. Dr. Wily

    …like, multiple times or-

  25. Dr. Robotnik

    Just once. And sometimes he just rolls really fast into them. That works too.

  26. Dr. Wily

  27. Dr. Robotnik

    And he sometimes gets all the rings I leave lying around.

  28. Dr. Wily

    I hate you so much.