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There is a new king in the land of broken controllers! After receiving almost 1.3 million votes, the most rage-inducing moment has finally been crowned. I'd like to thank the gaming community for the huge turnout, but in reality, it was probably just a couple guys voting a few hundred thousand times each. So this one's for you, Paul and Mike. You guys really hit it out of the park.

15. Not realizing you're fighting enemies that will respawn indefinitely and wasting all your health and ammo trying to finish them all off

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You weren't supposed to win, you were supposed to run away. Unfortunately, the game decided to let you figure this out on your own. Since you're a total fake badass and NEVER back down from a fake fight, you didn't figure it out until you'd already unloaded clip after clip into the unending army of minions. Now you're off to the next section of the game barely clinging to life. Annnnnnd it just auto-saved. Beautiful.

14. Running out of inventory slots

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Gamers are hoarders by nature. We are obsessive collectors. Even useless items somehow find their way into our inventories, because hey, those can be sold for gold and we like collecting gold; even when we've already got all the best items in the game. Thus, a full inventory is our sworn enemy: You're suddenly faced with the realization that you can't keep all that phat loot you've been picking up along the way. Some particularly cruel games won't even let you drop items, meaning you've got to run back to your item box any time you fill up. I'm looking at you, Resident Evil.

13. Finding out your PC can't run a game you just bought

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PC might be the hardcore gamer's preferred platform, but at least console games always work. Unless you've got a few thousand dollars to blow on a top notch gaming rig, you're bound to meet a title that's too much game for your PC. There are few things (well, 12) more frustrating than spending your hard earned money on a game, only to experience such awful lag in the opening cinematic that it's clearly going to be unplayable. And what if the title is PC exclusive? You can't even play it on console! Now you're spiraling into a deep depression and the police are trying to talk you down from the nearest tall building. Dramatic? WELL YOU PROBABLY GOT TO PLAY STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC INSTEAD OF HAVING IT LAG OUT ON YOUR YEAR OLD PC.

12. Getting killed while doing a move you didn't mean to do

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You've been playing the same section for hours and you've got the first three quarters of this boss fight down to muscle memory. Each attempt you get closer and closer. Except this time. You stabbed when you should have blocked and lost half your health before you could even put a dent into him. Now you'll have to go back to that save point before that cutscene and do it all over again. It's easy enough to get killed when you're performing at your best, so it's maddening when a quick slip of the D-Pad sends you off a cliff or into the claws of an enemy. Why can't your stupid hands just do what you tell them to do?

11. Dying because of a bug

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At least when you die because of your own mistake you can learn from it and move on. When a lag spike or a bug causes you to lose a precious digital life, you're left with nothing but a confused family wondering why you just screamed "WHAT THE FUCK?" at the top of your lungs in a room by yourself. But don't worry, not all is lost. Now you can log onto Internet forums and bitch about this clearly unpolished game. Point you.