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Back in sixth grade I wasn't exactly a social butterfly, so I used to pretend my school was the Jedi academy and the other kids wouldn't talk to me because they were jealous of my extremely high Midichlorian count.-Joey

I was on a spring break road trip to California with a bunch of friends the day Pokemon SoulSilver was released. I made them stop halfway through the desert to find the nearest Gamestop so I could be first in the line of 12-year-olds at the store to get it.-Anonymous

I broke up with my first college girlfriend because she refused to see Star Wars and it made conversations difficult.-DJ1.5E3

When the girl I had a crush on asked me to go to the midnight release of Halo Reach with her I fell in love. When the night came I picked her up and we made a bet that if I beat her she would give me a kiss. Everything was perfect until midnight came. I got so excited when I bought Halo that I puked in front of everyone in line. Needless to say she never kissed me, or called me again.-Daniel

The first time that I really cried was when Dinobot died protecting prehistoric man against the Predacons in Beast Wars.-Hojo

I do calculus problems when I get bored during physics class.-Dan

I asked out my girlfriend on Nov 7, the day Gears of War 2 came out, so it would be easy to remember our anniversary.-Anonymous

When Star Wars: Battlefront 2 came out, my roommate and I quickly started up a war in Galactic Conquest mode. Things were already pretty heated when I attempted to invade his Rebel-controlled Kashyyk. I owned him in space combat, but got destroyed in the ground battle that followed. I then re-invaded, re-defeated his new fleet, but was again destroyed on the ground. The fight continued like this for three days. We missed all of our classes during that time, only left the room to eat, and barely slept. We eventually became so pissed at each other that we drafted a three-page peace treaty declaring the "war" over, and stating that we would never play against each other in Battlefront 2 again. The Treaty of Kashyyk is still honored to this day.-Eric and Nash