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Last week I went to a hockey game. There was a young girl sitting next to me. She was playing a DS. I noticed that she dropped her stylus, so I picked it up for her. "Here, I think you dropped this," said I. "Oh, thanks buddy," said her father. "She's always losing that thing." I chuckled and said, "I know how they can be, I have one of my own." "Yeah. They're something special all right," he said. "They sure are," I said. I think he thought I was talking about daughters. I was talking about my DS.-G

I have a little Christmas tradition (late I know, shut up). On Christmas Eve, I go into every one of my Pokemon games and send each character home for Christmas to spend it with their mom.-Anonymous

After realizing how massive the Skyrim world is, I printed out a map and taped it to my wall. I mark off the dungeons as I complete them with a marker. I'm too ashamed to let other people see it, so I keep it hidden under a college banner. I only take it out when my door is closed and locked.-Nick S

My fiance and I are getting married in April. To get ready for the reception, she's been having us practice with Dance Central 2.-James

This Winter break, just for fun, a few friends and I went to the mall dressed as FFVIII characters. We were Quistis, Selphie, and Zell (our Squall had a scheduling conflict). We went to GameStop and EB games, thinking we'd be recognized. No one seemed to know who we were. It wasn't until we went to the food court Noodles and Company that someone figured it out. The cashier said, "You're from FFVIII, aren't you?" Now I go out of my way to give Noodle and Company my business.-Anonymous

I'm a high school student, and I participate in three sports. My workout load is quite high. Whenever I have trouble motivating myself, I ask, "If Batman can protect Gotham City all by himself, why can't you lift this weight?" It works every time.-Anonymous

I was mugged recently. The guy only took my DS and copy of Pokemon Black. I had like $90 cash on me. I wish he would've taken that instead. I hope he enjoys the fact that I caught them all. Be nice to my Tepig, asshole. Yes, his name is Sr.Awesome.-Anonymous

My wife is three months pregnant. I'm 95% sure our child was conceived while watching Star Trek porno.-Anonymous